Donald Glover Catches Flak for His Comment on Black Women in Self-Interview

The 'Atlanta' star and creator leaves Internet users baffled after he asks himself some thought-provoking questions in an interview for Interview Magazine.

AceShowbiz - People were not happy with Donald Glover's recent self-interview. The "Atlanta" star and creator has been widely criticized on the Internet after he posed some thought-provoking questions to himself, including about black women.

In an Interview Magazine article published on Thursday, April 7, Glover asked himself, "Are you afraid of black women?" Still acting as the interviewer, the 38-year-old said, "I feel like your relationship to them has played a big part in your narrative."

In response, Glover replied, "I feel like you're using black women to question my blackness." He also made it clear that he hates "talking about race more than five minutes unless it's with other black people."

Glover's statements didn't sit well with many Twitter users. One in particular argued, "No offense or full offense...I dont really care, but he way some Black men go out of their way to mention Black women just to try to denigrate us is mind boggling. What other group of men do this to women of the same race??? Wtf was that Danny Glover mess this time?? Like-???"

Another individual fumed, "If Donald glover doesn’t just take this to his therapist and leave us out of it…" A third chimed in, "For chaos reasons, now I need a Black woman to interview Donald Glover since he said he's not afraid of us."

Others, meanwhile, were left baffled knowing the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actor was interviewing himself. "Wait, wait, he interviewed HIMSELF?!?! He asked HIMSELF this question, DIDNT GIVE A STRAIGHT ANSWER, READ IT BACK AND STILL PUBLISHED I understanding this correctly or!?!??!" one user wondered, while another opined, "Asking a question you refuse to answer is very weird."

Glover has yet to respond to the criticism. However, he seemingly was prepared for it since he tweeted earlier this month, "i see yall talkin on me. and i said it already: @ me. if its a true critique, i need dat receipt. be brave wicha blue check." He added, "looking forward to yall being mad @ me next week."

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