Kandi Burruss Gets Emotional While Recalling About Being Suicidal in Middle School

The 'RHOA' star hopes that by sharing her painful experience, 'it will help someone that's going through a dark time' as she reminds everyone that 'It Can't Rain Forever.'

AceShowbiz - Kandi Burruss had a rough experience when she was in middle school. "[ Real Housewives of Atlanta]" star revisited her time dealing with depression and trauma when she co-hosted a new episode of "The Real".

"I definitely have to say that I've been there and I've been to the lowest places," she shared in the Monday, March 28 episode. The singer added that she felt the need to revisit the trauma after witnessing others struggle with mental health.

The X-Scape member said, "It seems like people have just really gotten to a place where this feels likes everything is against you and a lot of people have been giving up."

Kandi revealed that she considered ending her life "at a young age," in middle school. "I thought about taking my own life," she said before getting choked up. "I don't really like talking about it 'cause it's very emotional for me, but I'm only saying this because I know a lot of people are dealing with that right now. But, I was feeling like that and I really wanted to go through the motions."

The Grammy winner shared she planned to commit suicide as she knew her mother had a firearm in their home. "But for whatever reason, God made her put it somewhere else because it wasn't where she normally kept it... If I had done that at that time, think of all the wonderful things I would have missed out on," she recalled.

The reality TV star posted a clip of the portion on her Instagram account. In the caption, she wrote an encouraging message that read, "On #TheReal today I shared something that is a tough conversation for me but hopefully it will help someone that’s going through a dark time. Always remember It Can't Rain Forever. Keep going! It will get better."

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