Latto Defends Herself After Being Accused of Not Crediting Songwriter for 'Up an Down'

Even after the '777' artist denies the accusations in a series of tweets, singer/songwriter Mondaii is not backing down as he claims, 'I never lied on my pen.'

AceShowbiz - Latto (Mulatto) was accused of not giving proper credit to someone for his contributions to "Up & Down". On Thursday, March 24, singer/songwriter Mondaii claimed on Twitter that he was "ghosted" by the raptress after helping her writing for the song.

"S/O to the time I came and wrote for [Latto and [Saucy Santana] … got left out the credits and ghosted," Mondaii wrote alongside a photo of him and the artists inside the studio. "Wow, I guess you do have to s**t on the little person to get on top.”

It didn't take long before Latto caught wind of Mondaii's claims and reacted to them. "Idek who invited u this day YEARS AGO but u were very much a FAN suggesting lines I should and I kindly passed on all ur corny bars…," the femcee said.

"That was cute but the world saw me writing since a kid on television sir sorry," she continued, before alluding that Mondai was clout chasing before she released her much-anticipated sophomore album "777".

When a fan wrote, "This why everybody can't be in the studio," Latto responded, "EXACTLY!!! TRYNA BE NICE AND LET A FRIEND OF A FRIEND IN THE SESSION AND NOW THEY CLAIMING UR TALENT LMAOOO IS IT CRACK??!?!"

In a separate post, she added, "Look at the same dumb a** trying to say he, 'wrote' for me, recording like a fan, while I'm LITERALLY WRITING W A PEN IN MY HAND as Santana says 'did u get the line yet Latto?' The jokes write themselves."

Not backing down, Mondaii responded, "@Latto first of all , your not confused to why I was there . @kmichelle referred your manager @brandon_bfm to me , and told me to pull up at Doppler Studios to write for you. I never lied on my pen. Can you say the same sis?"

The tweet was reposted on The Shade Room's Instagram page. Upon noticing the post, Latto once again defended herself in a comment which read, "Exactlyyyy you didn't speak to meeee & I didn’t use any bars u suggested babe they were cornyyyyyyy I thought u were just a friend of a friend in the session."

That aside, Latto's new album "777" appeared to receive so much love from fans. Through her new album, Latto previously said that she "really wanted to solidify my place in this industry."

"I wanted to get my bars off and let people know that I do songs like 'Big Energy' and showcase my versatility, but let them know where the passion started in the first place. And that was rapping-just getting the bars off, no hook freestyles. So I'm definitely rapping my ass off and showcasing the versatility at the same time," she continued.

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