Rapper HoneyKomb Brazy's Enemies Executed His Grandparents Over Facebook Diss

Investigators believe that the two suspects sought revenge on whoever in the house after they couldn't reach to Brazy or his affiliate OMB Peezy, who made a post disrespecting a drug kingpin.

AceShowbiz - HoneyKomb Brazy's grandparents were innocent victims of a crazy social media beef. More than a year after his grandmother Lelia Lewis and grandfather Tony Lewis were killed in a shooting and house fire, new details have emerged of what led to the unthinkable crime.

According to local news reports, Brazy's grandparents were killed over a Facebook post made by fellow rapper OMB Peezy that disrespected Darrin Southall, an accused drug kingpin. Federal investigators believe that Terrance Watkins and Jamarcus Chambers, both of whom have been charged with murder, along with third suspect Patrick Lewis, went to the house in Mobile, Alabama under the direction of Southall.

Mobile police detective Julius Nettles said in a court testimony, "The beef was with the rapper OMB Peezy." He added, "They plotted to execute the grandparents, or whoever was in that house at the time."

Nettles said Peezy, whose real name is LeParis Dade, and Brazy have the same record label. However, a representative of Peezy's label 300 Entertainment said Brazy has no affiliation with the company.

Watkins and Chambers are accused of firing multiple shots in the house, which caused the house to be set on fire. As for Lewis, he was arrested on February 25 and faces three counts of murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

ADA Louis Walker for the Mobile County District Attorney's Office additionally has released a statement on Southall's involvement. "His involvement is as what we call an aider and abettor which is that he was helping plan and organize and encouraging the three individuals that were in the car," Walker said.

"A likely scenario is that the gunfire resulted in the explosion of an oxygen tank, which in turn would have caused the explosion of other oxygen tanks in the house, which would lead to the fire," Walker further explained the fatal shooting.

Letecha Lang, the victims' niece, said she was relieved the case is moving forward. "They didn't deserve this at all," she said after the hearing. "No one deserves to be treated like they was treated. So we just, thank you God … and hopefully everything works out to where we can get a conviction."

Lang said she and other relatives learned some new details during the hearing, but the most important thing is to hold the defendants accountable. "Two innocent, elderly people that enjoyed life, enjoyed spending time with their grandkids, was taken away from here in a gruesome way, and they didn't deserve that," she added.

Brazy's grandparents were found deceased in their house on February 17, 2021. Clarifying the manner of their deaths, the rapper said on his Instagram Story that oxygen tanks accidentally blew up during the shooting. "Stop saying my granny n grandpa got set on fire," he wrote two days after his grandparents passed away. "They had COVID-19. Both of them was on oxygen tanks. They blew up when they was shooting in the house."

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