Erica Campbell Urges Kanye West to Act More Like God Amid His Online Attacks on Kim Kardashian

Following the 'City of Gods' rapper's rants on his ex-wife, Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah and D.L. Hughley, the gospel singer alludes that Ye is a hypocrite for not reflecting his faith on his life 'all week long.'

AceShowbiz - Erica Campbell is putting herself at risk of being at the receiving end of Kanye West's wrath by standing up against him. Amid the rapper's recent online behavior, the urban contemporary gospel singer has some advice to the Atlanta native about being the follower of God.

When talking to TMZ about her new single "Positive", Erica was asked about Kanye's declaration that he is a man of God and how it is in regards to his recent attacks on Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Trevor Noah and D.L. Hughley. Alluding that Ye is a hypocrite, the R&B songstress urged the Yeezy designer to act more like God.

"I just think if you're trying to be like God on Sunday, then you should be like him on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as well," she said, referencing Ye's famous Sunday Service. "Does that mean perfection? Not at all, but it means that your choices should be governed by what you believe."

The 49-year-old further stressed that Ye needs to reflect his faith on his life "all week long," explaining, "If you believe in faith and being kind, being gracious, being understanding, and being patient, then you gotta be that way all week long." She went on reminding, "We all go through things. We don't always get it right, so prayers up for Kanye."

Erica also acknowledged that Kanye's divorce from Kim could be the roots of the problem in his behavior. "When you love somebody it doesn't go away because you get divorced. That's why they be so mad after, cause they still in love," she said, before sharing, "My mother and father married each other three times. Cause they couldn't...they just loved each other. Sometimes it's that way, you try and it doesn't work. That doesn't mean the love goes away."

Due to his social media rants, Kanye has been banned from performing at the upcoming Grammy Awards. There's also a petition calling for his removal from this year's Coachella lineup which has gained more than 35,000 signatures.

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