Daniel Kaluuya's Manager Slams Tabloid for Spinning Narrative After Concern Over Her Influence

Spiritual advisor Heir Holiness defends herself and admits that she is the 'Personal Manager for Daniel Kaluuya' after previously denying she worked with him.

AceShowbiz - Heir Holiness no longer denies her ties to Daniel Kaluuya after previously debunking allegations that she's controlling the actor. The spiritual advisor has now admitted that she works as his "personal manager" amid concerns about her influence in his life.

Heir, whose real name is Vanylla Salimah Mahmoud, recently updated her Instagram bio to mention "Personal Manager for Daniel Kaluuya" as one of her professions. She also claims to be the COO of Greater Good Ent. and the CEO of MMD.

In one of her recent posts, Heir also seemed to defend herself in light of the negative headlines about her. "Recent press has tried to spin a narrative regarding my behavior… let's be clear when I'm working I'm WORKING and my focus is my client," she wrote.

Claiming that she puts her client's need as her top priority, she continued, "Whatever it takes to create an environment where THEY can, with as much grace and ease, give THEIR very best… I DO." She concluded her post as stressing, "I do NOTHING that I haven't been asked and directed to do by my CLIENT."

Page Six previously reported that people around Daniel worried about his relationship with Heir. The news outlet claimed that friends of the Hollywood star were concerned after he has fired his agents and longtime publicist at Shelter PR in favor of Heir. He has also axed his stylist and multiple assistants, but still kept his longtime manager at Management360 and his reps in London.

Heir, who was reportedly introduced to Daniel on the set of the 2018 movie "Black Panther", reportedly caused some troubles on the set of Jordan Peele's new movie "Nope". "Holiness' behavior during the filming of Jordan Peele's 'Nope', in which Kaluuya stars, caused people on set to be concerned about her influence over the British actor," Matt Belloni of Puck News reported last month.

"People on the 'Nope' set were very concerned that Heir had 'taken over' DK's life and all decisions had to go through her," an industry insider chimed in. "I've heard there were multiple blow-ups and the production people were afraid of her."

A Hollywood source additionally told the site, "Was everyone a fan of Heir on set? No." Meanwhile, another questioned Heir's role, "To be honest, we can't quite figure out who she is…we really have no clue as his team has shifted camps."

At the time, when contacted by The Post, a woman who claimed to be Heir denied working with Daniel and said she had only met him a few times. "People are saying I work with Daniel Kaluuya?" she said. "I would love to work with Daniel Kaluuya."

Daniel himself has not responded to the story.

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