Lil Baby Exposed for Allegedly Sleeping With Chief Keef's BM Because He Didn't Pay 'Hush Money'

The 'Drip Too Hard' spitter appears to clap back after Slim Danger claims that she slept with him and insinuates that it caused his recent split from Jayda Cheaves.

AceShowbiz - Chief Keef's baby mama has inserted herself in the drama between Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves. Following the former couple's messy split, Slim Danger revealed that she slept with the rapper and Jayda knew about it.

Slim first brought it up on TikTok, posting a video with a caption written over it, "When Lil baby ask why does everybody think we f**ked?" The audio then interjected, saying, " 'Cause we did."

When people seemingly accused her of lying, Slim tried to prove her claim by sharing a screenshot of Jayda allegedly watching her Stories on Instagram. "This is Jayda in my views," she said in another TikTok video. "Me and her spoke to each other, we are cool."

Catching wind of this, Lil Baby has seemingly responded to Slim's videos. Over on Twitter, he appeared to deny the story of his alleged sexual relationship with Chief Keef's baby mama as posting, "Y'll weak a** h**s. Stop using my name for attention! Dam." He added in a separate tweet, "A mf a do anything to go viral. B***hes And n***as."

Meanwhile, Jayda has denied Slim's claim that they knew each other. In the comment section of the latter's video, Jayda wrote, "Girl I don't Know you." Slim, however, refused to back down as she replied, "Lil Baby do [kiss emoji]."

Slim further elaborated in a now-deleted video that Lil Baby broke up with Jayda because he slept with her. In another video, Slim said she exposed the "We Paid" rhymer because he didn't pay her "hush money."

"You must pay your hush money fee and you have to pay your transaction fee," Slim detailed how things work out. While she said "everything was going good" initially, "he didn't want to pay all of the hush money. So bam!"

"But you're not paying the hush money, I'm gonna expose you. I've been doing this for year," she taunted him, before concluding, "He didn't pay his fee." Slim also insisted that she and Jayda "spoke over Lil Baby," but Jayda may be denying it because she's allegedly "still mad."

Jayda later jumped to the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram post to once again say that she wants no involvement in the drama. "NO WE DIDNT SPEAK," she responded to Slim's video. "This is so weird y'all. Like omg. Keep my name out that mess. I'm so tired of my name being attached to foolishness. I WANT OUT."

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