PnB Rock Regrets Neglecting His Ex-GF After She Appears to Be Dating Almighty Jay

The 'Selfish' rapper declares Stephanie Sibounheuang is the 'ONLY one' as he admits that seeing her moving on with another man 'truly hurt' after the former member of the YBN collective calls her 'My Love.'

AceShowbiz - PnB Rock didn't know better how to treat his loved one until he lost her. The Philadelphia-born star has opened up about her regret for neglecting his then-girlfriend Stephanie Sibounheuang, who is now rumored to be dating another hip-hop star, Almighty Jay (formerly YBN Almighty Jay).

On Tuesday, March 15, PnB Rock, whose real name is Rakim Hasheem Allen, revealed his lingering feelings for Stephanie on Instagram by sharing a TikTok video compiling images from their moments together. In the caption, he admitted his mistake as writing, "It was a point in time when I felt like it was somethin better out there in the world for me… and I neglected everything I had at home chasin this feelin of emptiness…"

"but I went out into the world and i realized… EVERYBODY got they problems and vices…," he added. "NOBODY is perfect so if you anything like who I was, stop chasin that 'PERFECT' relationship like in the movies lol You can forget about it…. You might just lose the very thing that made you happy after all…"

PnB Rock then admitted, "I'm sayin that to say this… I f**ked up BIG TIME and I realize @stephsibounheuang is truly my blessing…" While he said that his ex "deserves to be happy and I deserve to be unhappy," he couldn't help feeling hurt when seeing her with someone new.

"I done seen her move on and become happy again and glowing without me… tbh that S**t truly hurt… after all the s**t I put her thru she deserves to be happy smh," the 30-year-old continued. He then hinted that he is going to try to win her back as declaring, "but f**k that im a (Toxic) Man and im fighting for mines…. N***as gotta step they game up… Oh and don't think for one second because I'm posting this that I'm soft for any reason. I will Kill one of you n***as about this one right here no kizzy she da ONLY one."

Interestingly, PnB Rock shared the post around the same time rumors swirled that Almighty Jay may be dating Stephanie now. It's the "No Hook" spitter himself who sparked the speculation after he posted on his Instagram Story a picture of an edible bouquet that he seemingly sent to her. Making it more obvious, he tagged Stephanie and called her "My Love."

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