Pete Davidson Confronts Kanye West in Text Message for Reigniting Custody War With Kim Kardashian

In their conversation shared by 'SNL' writer Dave Sirus, the comedian says he's 'done being quiet' and challenges Ye to meet in person after the latter once again blasts Kim over the custody of their kids.

AceShowbiz - Pete Davidson is now feuding with Kanye West as the latter continues to feed the drama between him, Pete and Kim Kardashian. The "Saturday Night Live" star, who had remained largely quiet despite the rapper's diss at him, has finally clapped back after Ye reignited his war with Kim over the custody war of their children.

On Sunday, March 13, Ye posted a screenshot of his text message to Kim in which he called her out for not bringing their kids to his Sunday service as he demanded. "When I say bring my kids somewhere," he wrote. "I'm not going through this no more. Why the f**k is it up to you where my kids are if we so called have joint custody."

In another now-deleted post, he uploaded a screenshot of North on TikTok and captioned it, "My daughter will not be lead by people who don't believe in Gold. I am in a very good place and a very God place. Inside the will of God I am being still right now. This all feels like a set up. They want me to react. I flew back from Miami and none of my kids are coming to Sunday Service. I am public about this because we are a famous Praying and expressing how I have no rights to my children is the only thing I can legally do."

Apparently catching wind of this, Pete decided to defend his girlfriend Kim. In a conversation shared by "SNL" writer Dave Sirus, the 28-year-old wrote to Ye, "Yo it's Skete. Can you please take a second and calm down. It's 8am and it don't gotta be like this. Kim is literally the best mother I've ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so f**king lucky that she's your kids mom." He continued, "I've decided I'm not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I'm done being quiet. Grow the f**k up."

When Ye asked where Pete was, the comedian taunted the rapper by replying, "In bed with your wife," along with a picture of him shirtless in bed. The Atlanta native clapped back by bringing up Pete's rehab stint, writing, "Happy to see you're out the hospital and rehab," to which Pete responded, "Same here. It's wonders what those places do when you go get help. You should try it."

Pete then challenged Ye to see each other in person. "I'm in La for the day if you wanna stop being a little internetb***h boy and talk," he wrote. Ye suggested that they meet at his Sunday service, but Pete asked to meet in private. "This isn't public dude. I'm not here for pictures and press. Which is obviously all you care about."

"I wish you'd man up for once in your life," Pete begged to Kanye. He said he wants to help Ye with his mental health issue and claimed that he asked "SNL" to stop making fun of the Yeezy designer.

Ye, in return, posted a video on his Instagram page in which he ranted about being framed as "crazy." He claimed they want to see him having a "meltdown" while asking, "Why I have to pray to see my children?" He declared that he will not be silenced, saying, "And you're not gonna mouthful me. And you're not gonna write me off as crazy. We can play fair. But I'm not gonna stop using my voice."

Meanwhile, social media users got distracted by Pete's shirtless selfie, which seemed to unveil his tattoo of Kim's name on his chest. "OMG you guys: PETE HAS A KIM TAT," "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast host Amanda Hirsh wrote when resharing the image. "I genuinely gasped," a fan reacted, while another gushed, "My brain can't handle all of this information today."

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