Comic Bonnie McFarlane Dragged for Dubbing #FreeBritney Move a 'Mistake'

While the comic doesn't elaborate on her statement, her tweet arrives after the 'Toxic' singer shares a series of photos and videos of her being naked on her fiance Sam Asghari's birthday.

AceShowbiz - Bonnie McFarlane gets herself on the bad side of Britney Spears' fans. The comedienne was slammed online after suggesting that the pop star should still be under a conservatorship.

Bonnie took to her Twitter account on Wednesday, March 3 to criticize the #FreeBritney movement. "that free britney thing might've been a mistake," the former "Last Comic Standing" star tweeted.

The comic didn't elaborate on her statement. However, the tweet arrived after the "Toxic" singer shared a series of photos and videos of her being naked during her vacation with her fiance, Sam Asghari.

It didn't take long before Britney's fans came to her to defend the 40-year-old star. "In what world is this funny or ok like I'm actually confused," one person questioned.

"This isn't the take you thought it was. She's allowed to post whatever she wants especially while she heals from the decade of trauma," another fan argued. " 'Omg a famous woman posting topless?!???!!!? We need to take her rights!!!!' Log off and never log back on," one other added.

"This tweet was a mistake. for you to wish her trauma and abuse on her like that by implying she should still be in the cship is so disingenuous. She was human trafficked. Are you okay with that?! Have some respect. Grow a heart, read a book and hug a tree," read another tweet. Also jumping into the "...Oops! I Did It Again" hitmaker, one user wrote, "Because she is comfortable showing her body? Or because she's a little quirky? Freedom isn't based on what you decide is 'normal.' "

Some others, meanwhile, defended Bonnie. "It's a joke. She's a comedian," one person said. Someone else echoed the sentiment, "Judging by these comments it would appear most Britney fans should also be under a conservatorship."

Meanwhile, Bonnie herself had apparently caught wind of the criticism. In response to the backlash, Bonnie tweeted later in the same day, "I'm a comedian but you're right."

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