K. Michelle Leaves Fan Surprised After Flashing Her Boobs During Live Performance

The 'Can't Raise a Man' singer pulls out her breasts for a moment while singing a cover of 'Can You Stand the Rain' during her show with Jeezy in Houston's Arena Theater.

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle knows exactly how to keep everyone's attention on her. The "Can't Raise a Man" hitmaker surprised the crowd by flashing her bare boobs during her show with Jeezy (Young Jeezy) in Houston's Arena Theater.

On Wednesday, March 2, the 36-year-old RnB star started trending on social media because of her stage act. While belting out a cover of "Can You Stand the Rain", she suddenly pulled out her breasts for a moment, flashing the crowd before putting her top back on.

It's unclear why K. Michelle decided to lift her top up for the crowd but the front row was definitely enjoying the moment, letting out an excited cheer when she flashed them. After the video went viral, social media users reacted to the wild moment.

"I'm still on K. Michelle flashing her titties on stage," one Twitter user wrote, adding a couple of laughing with tears emojis. A separate social media user tweeted, "I have to catch up on K.Michelle show."

Another person gushed, "I always forgot how nice K Michelle's tiddies are," with someone else writing, "K Michelle flashing her titties while singing can you stand the rain is insanity..but her boobs look great." In the meantime, a separate Twitter user branded K. Michelle "Girls Gone Wild" as saying, "So #kmichelle Girls Gone Wild now? LMFAOOOOOOOO."

Others, meanwhile, wondered what made K. Michelle show her bare breasts to the audience. "WHAT MADE K MICHELLE SAY LET ME SHOW MY BREAST REAL QUICK [rolling on the floor laughing emoji] WHILE SINGING??" asked one Twitter user, while another chimed in, "Ok, so why K. Michelle pulling out her tities to 'Can You Stand the Rain'? I cannot process this."

This wasn't the first time K. Michelle flashed her fans. Back in March 2020, K. Michelle also showed her breasts after the crowd completed the lyrics to her song "Crazy Like You". "Don't make me call your friend. Lie to 'em and tell em' that you like men. Call yo momma up cause yo daddy be trickin' on my best friend," the crowd sang. "I would spend yo money up but you don't even make enough. Versace Jordans, and Gucci. I burn all yo s**t up."

K. Michelle herself has never been shy about her body. The singer, who underwent surgical enhancements on her breasts and bottom, opened up about the "dark side of cosmetic surgery" on her Lifetime show "My Killer Body with K. Michelle".

"The purpose of 'My Killer Body' is to save someone's life," K. Michelle shared, "Changing my body almost killed me, now I have to fight for my life and for others too." The singer, who rose to fame on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta", also revealed, "It took me three years to get back to a healthy me."

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