Lil Twist Claims Scooter Braun Uses Him as 'Scapegoat' to Cover Justin Bieber

In a new interview, the hip-hop artist believes that the mega-manager repeatedly planted negative stories about him to try to deflect attention from the 'Love Yourself' singer.

AceShowbiz - Lil Twist believed that his reputation was hurt due to Scooter Braun's attempt to protect Justin Bieber. In a new interview, Twist revealed how Braun would do anything to protect the singer's image, especially when he was struggling with drug addiction.

Twist, who was Bieber's friend at the time, told Business Insider that Braun would use him as a "scapegoat" for the "Sorry" hitmaker's scandal. According to the publication, Twist said that Braun repeatedly planted negative stories about him to try to deflect attention from Bieber.

One of the stories was published by TMZ back in 2013. It featured Bieber smoking weed in a hotel room, saying, "Bieb's people are blaming his Black friend Lil Twist for his bad behavior." Another story, meanwhile, included a source who claimed that people in Bieber's life were "deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life."

Of the matter, Twist said in the interview, "He made sure he did everything to protect Justin, and he did his job, but he did it wrong." He added, "In ways of hurting other people to get things done, and it wasn't right."

Braun was quick to react to Twist's allegations. Denying the claims, the mega-manager's attorney insisted that he never "planted negative stories about Lil Twist." The lawyer also called the rapper a "demonstrably unreliable source."

Additionally, the lawyer tried to make their points across by mentioning Twist's criminal record and negative press over the years.

Bieber, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the claims.

This wasn't the first time for Twist to make similar allegations. Back in 2020, he claimed that he took a marijuana-possession charge for Bieber. In a new interview with Mina SayWhat, he said, "I still love Justin to this day. But his team had their knee metaphorically on my neck for years just so they could keep [Justin] clean. I took that heat."

He continued, "If they would have put weed charges on Justin in his early career, it would have been bad on him. So I got a call one day saying, 'Twist, do you really love this kid?' I said yes. They said, 'Cool, if you love him then you can take the heat for him because you can come off a little weed charge. You're associated with Lil Wayne. You're a rapper.' "

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