The Yeezy designer posts and deletes an article claiming that his mother-in-law's longtime boyfriend was spotted kissing another woman while they were at a club.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West is laughing at another man's alleged shenanigans. The estranged husband of Kim Kardashian has shaded Corey Gamble after the latter was rumored to be cheating on Kris Jenner, who is none other than his estranged wife's mother.

On Friday, February 18, the 44-year-old rapper shared his reaction to the unconfirmed rumors about Corey's supposed infidelity. He re-posted an article claiming that the talent manager was caught kissing another woman at a club.

"We outsiiiiide DONDA 2 2 22 22," the Yeezy designer captioned the post alongside a number of emojis, including a goat emoji. He then deleted the post as the original article itself has since been removed.

The cheating allegations surfaced after Gossip of the City posted a video that was reportedly accidentally leaked by Corey's alleged side chick. In the video which appears to be filmed in a dark room, the woman was seen cozying up to the man who looks like Corey.

The woman, who has been identified as OnlyFans model Yamile, was seen kissing the man next to her before she smiled to the camera. The video was reportedly meant for her OnlyFans, but was instead posted on her Instagram Story.

The man's face isn't clear in the video due to its low quality, but many are convinced that it's indeed Kris' longtime boyfriend. "Wait till Kris find out..," one person warned Corey. Another predicted Kris' reaction, "Kris finna cut that credit card off in 5..4..3..2." A third begged to differ, believing that "Kris probably know. Just don't want everybody to know tho." Another disagreed as saying, "Wrong Kris does not stay she leaves. Wait till she get a whole of this."

Corey has not responded to the cheating rumors, but a source told Us Weekly on Friday that "this is a false narrative about Corey." The so-called insider said the video appeared to have been taken in Miami over Super Bowl weekend earlier this month, but "Corey was at the Super Bowl game in L.A."

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