Kanye West Reveals Why He Fell Out With Lil Durk Despite Past Collaborations
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In a candid revelation on Justin LaBoy's podcast, Kanye West talks about about his falling out with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk, amid other eyebrow-raising details.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West, the ever-controversial and unapologetically outspoken music mogul, stirred the pot once again with a series of scandalous, bizarre, and undeniably fascinating revelations.

While many might latch onto his "Like That" remix premiere, an unconventional obsession with Michelle Obama, or the shadow of an alleged assault investigation, another story dominated part of his conversation with Justin LaBoy on "The Download" podcast: the unexpected rift between Kanye West and fellow Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who have collaborated on several tracks in the past.

According to Kanye, the fracture in their relationship surfaced when Durk submitted a verse for an upcoming project that included dismissive lyrics about West's fashion lineage and he repeated it four times for emphasis.

Such a line, as Kanye elaborated, broke his heart and sparked his criticisms about loyalty, respect, and the intricate dynamics of friendships and rivalries within the music industry. "Durk sent in a verse and he said, 'Take my Yeezy shirt off and make it a doormat,' " West recounted.

Comparing it to past conflicts with other artists, West feels particularly betrayed by Durk's action, viewing it as a personal affront rather than just competitive posturing. "He must have never really liked me," Kanye concluded.

He suggested that Durk may have been influenced by others, saying, "It's like when J. Cole did the diss track or whatever. You got Drake, he's really paid to come at my neck. But it's another thing for somebody like that to come around you."

West went on to say that Durk later changed the line to "I take my Yeezy hat off and give my lil' h*e that," but it only frustrated West even further. "I'm just like, 'Why y'all think y'all can play with me?' " he lamented.

This incident not only reveals the tension that can exist even among seemingly allied artists but also touches on a broader conversation about the pressures and provocations in the rap game.

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