Matt James Jokingly Admits He's Not Qualified to Hold Golf Club After Accidentally Hitting Cameraman

Following his disastrous swing, the season 25 star of 'The Bachelor' apologizes to the camera guy, saying that he owes him 'a beer,' 'a dinner' and his 'life.'

AceShowbiz - Matt James has poked fun at himself on social media. After accidentally hitting a cameraman with a golf ball during the WM Phoenix Open in Phoenix, Arizona, the season 25 star of "The Bachelor" jokingly said in a social media post that he's not qualified enough to hold a golf club.

Taking to his Instagram Story on Thursday, February 10, the 30-year-old TV personality shared a video of him talking about his disastrous swing. In the clip, he promised that he's moving "forward" after the incident.

"The good thing is, it can't get any worse than it was yesterday," Matt jokingly told followers. The ABC Food Tours co-founder continued, "I can't legally hold or swing a golf club until I undergo 100 hours of intense golf training. [Which is] warranted."

Shortly after accidentally hitting a camera guy with a golf ball during the tournament's 16th hole, Matt issued an apology in a video shared by the PGA Tour via Instagram. "I think I was aiming for the wrong hole," he tried to explain the mishap.

"I took a divot on that first shot and I should've toned it down a little bit," Matt continued. "My speed swing was a little bit too...I was a little worked up. And that second shot, I probably should've brought my own clubs out. Should've checked which way the wind was going. It just came off the tip of my nine iron and was a clean thigh shot."

Matt, who is currently dating Rachael Kirkconnell, went on to say, "I just really want to apologize again for that." He further stressed, "I was not aiming for you, I think frankly, I was aiming for anything and that's the problem. I probably should've never stepped out here. I was telling the guys earlier that I had spent about six hours at Topgolf, it didn't pay off at all."

"I will be back next year," Matt promised. The reality star added, "But don't fret, because I'm gonna put in a lot of work between now and then and it's only up. I owe you a beer. I owe you dinner. I owe you my life."

The cameraman was shown the apology too, with his reaction captured in the PGA's post as well. "Oh, there's a video," he said, surprised. "He's a good guy. He felt bad. I felt it. Like I said, next year, I'm wearing a cup."

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