Rapper Isaiah Rashad Gets Support After He's Outed in Leaked Sex Tape

Many jump to the 'Hey Mista' rapper's defense after a sex tape purportedly showing him engaging in sexual act with men leaks online, confirming his sexuality.

AceShowbiz - Isaiah Rashad has become the latest celebrity whose privacy got breached by some hackers. The rapper's sex tape has reportedly leaked online, outing his sexuality in the process.

On Wednesday, February 9, footage of the 30-year-old engaging in sexual act made it way out on the Internet. While this isn't the first celebrity's sex tape to be released without the star's concern, what drew attention the most is because it apparently confirms his sexuality. In the NSFW clip, Isaiah is reportedly both performing on and receiving oral sex from two men.

Following the leak, Isaiah's name was trending on Twitter as many have sympathized with him. One to offer support was model Shaun Ross, who tweeted, "The amount of homophobic things I've seen towards Isaiah Rashad is disgusting. The issue is that humans will forever be obsessed with what happening in others sex lives more than they are their own."

Internet personality Zoie Fenty, better known as "GotDamnZo", reacted, "Whoever leaked Isiah Rashad video that's messed up. Never take somebody's coming out in your own hands #NoCoolPoints."

Rapper Zoey Dollaz also defended Isaiah. "Call it how u want but I'm still gonna listen to and support Isaiah rashad music cus wtf that man prefer has nothing to do with me dawg still a very talented artist and y'all still support Pedos , murderers , rapist , and much worse artist," he wrote.

Another user tweeted, "You cannot abuse someone's trust in the way Isaiah Rashad was betrayed and think you won't merit the same hurt at some point in your life. How dare you!" Another called out the haters, "Isaiah rashad being gay is random as f**k but being so interested in what ppl do behind closed doors is even weirder lmao got nothing to do wit y'all n***as."

"My heart goes out to Isaiah Rashad. He has been through a lot these past few years and the last thing he needs is an absurd invasion of privacy. No one deserves to be exposed against their wishes," someone said.

Someone else shared the sentiment, "Not only is the Isaiah Rashad thing a s**tty situation because someone's private sex tape is being leaked without their permission, but they also basically outed someone's sexuality to the whole world. For what, exactly? No new music was gained, so why leak it."

Isaiah has not responded to the sex tape leak.

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