'RHOSLC': Mary Cosby's Unfair Treatment to Other Ladies Prompts Fights During Cinco de Mayo Dinner
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A new episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' sees Mary leaving the dinner to go inside to warm herself up before Whitney Rose asks her to bring some blankets for her, but Mary refuses.

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" returns with another explosive episode. The Sunday, January 30 episode of the Bravo reality TV series featured the ladies going at each other in a Cinco de Mayo dinner.

The episode saw Mary Cosby leaving the dinner to go inside to warm herself up. Whitney Rose asked her to bring some blankets for her, but Mary refused. That prompted other cast members, except for Meredith Marks, to agree that Mary was being unfair.

When Mary returned, Whitney asked Mary, "Do you like [Jennie Nguyen]?" It didn't take long for Mary to reply with a single, "No." Jennie and Mary then got into an argument with Heather Gay inserting herself by pointing out how Jennie's husband was part of the group that sent the ladies on their trip to Zion.

Mary later attacked Heather for being single just because she wanted to. "F**k you, Mary Cosby," Heather fired back. "Who's your husband? It's your step-grandaddy."

The fight continued with Jennie attacking Lisa Barlow after the latter implored Meredith to call out Mary's unruly behavior. That was how Jen and Lisa traded insults. When Jen left the table to use the restroom, the conversation got back toward Mary, who later had a back-and-forth with Lisa.

At one point, Lisa accused Mary of being fake. "Mary, you're fake as f**k. That's what you are, you're fake. You say you're sorry all the time and then you do the same thing over again, it's a cycle of abuse," Lisa said. Clapping back, Mary dissed Lisa over her diet, saying, "You're in a lie. You live in a bubble. Your whole life is fake."

To that, Lisa responded, "Mary, let's talk about what's real. You are fake in everything you do, everything about you is fake. Your apologies are fake, your church is fake, the way your treat people is fake."

The fighting got more intense after Jennie and Whitney pointed out how Mary treated each member of the friend group poorly, except for Meredith. Whitney then questioned why Meredith sided with Mary instead of Lisa, her "friend of 10 years. She also mentioned about a memorial that Meredith had for her father.

That angered Meredith who told Whitney, "Do not even go here with me, it's gonna go very ugly, very fast." Meanwhile, Lisa was clearly upset toward Meredith. "Meredith can go f**k herself, I'm done with her," she told the cameras before she threw around accusations about Meredith, her family, her husband and her house.

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