Asian Doll 'Not Embarrassed' Despite Being Called Out for Lying by Fivio Foreign
Facebook/WENN/Derrick Salters

The ex-girlfriend of King Von is caught lying on a Twitter post in which she is recounting the moment when she and Fivio allegedly cross paths at the bowling alley.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat is trending on Twitter once again. This time, the raptress sparked chatters after she was accused of lying about [ Foreign] by none other that Fivio himself.

The ex-girlfriend of King Von took to her Twitter account to recount the moment when she and Fivio allegedly crossed paths at the bowling alley. "had my ski mask on at the bowling alley fivio gone say take that s**t off & show that pretty face we wanna see that s**t," tweeted Asian on Friday, January 14.

Fivio shortly caught wind of the tweet and quickly set the record straight, saying it didn't happen at all. "Wtf.. Wat type ov lie is dat," he wrote, quoting Asian's tweet. In a separate tweet, the "Big Drip" spitter wrote, "She da homie for sure.. but I gotta gurl.. Yu kno I ain't moving like dat."

In response to that, Asian explained herself. Saying that she was under the influence when she put out the tweet, she said, "You know you my boy @FivioForeign & I was high as f**k [laughing emojis] & you know my body & I love yo b***h & you know I love my hearttttttt that's over there with you."

Her tweet even earned her more backlash as one of her fans advised her "to get a social media manager or pr team sister." Refusing the idea, Asian said, "I'm just a viral b***h."

Another person mocked her, saying, "lol how embarrassing." However, Asian confidently replied, "The way I'm not embarrassed is crazyyyyy."

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