'Selling Tampa' Star Sharelle Rosado Further Defends Show After DJ Envy's Diss

In a new episode of FOX Soul's 'Cocktails with the Queens', the CEO of Allure Realty further defends the new Netflix show following complaints over not selling homes.

AceShowbiz - Sharelle Rosado has reacted to DJ Envy's negative comments on Netflix's "Selling Tampa". In a new episode of FOX Soul's "Cocktails with the Queens", Sharelle further defended the show following complaints over not selling homes.

"I felt like I know there was a little shade in there when people, you know, the ladies came back clapping because we know we do [sell homes]," the CEO of Allure Realty said. She also noted that things on "Selling Tampa" are different from "Selling Sunset".

"There are two different stories. Even though we're a franchise, our story is different from the Oppenheim brothers. We are a minority-owned brokerage that's getting into luxury, stepping into luxury. We could sell 400, 500 homes all day, every day," she argued. "But the story behind it is, if you paid attention, we're stepping into a luxury division."

She went on to explain, "And we made huge deals on the show. We got with the developer and all the listings are multi-million dollar listings. He didn't pay attention to that." She also noted that she and Juawana Williams closed the deal with Mielle Organics which was looking for minority-owned brokerage to represent them in Miami.

Fans, however, thought that Sharelle was missing DJ Envy's point. "Envy was talking about how production was focusing more on drama and not real estate which is what the show is supposed to be about," one Instagram user commented underneath The Shade Room's post regarding the matter.

"He wasn't saying y'all wasn't selling, his point was the network showed more drama than y'all actually closing & they're showing houses being sold on the white show how are y'all not understanding that," another person echoed the sentiment. "They missed the whole point and are loud and wrong about it," someone else added.

One user wrote, "Production not painting that picture honey… that's the point." Another comment read, "If missing the point was a person." Meanwhile, one other person defended DJ Envy, "He definitely clarified what he meant but okay."

"The Breakfast Club" host caused drama when he took to Instagram earlier this month to compare "Selling Tampa" with "Selling Sunset". "The Same person created both these shows... SMH. 1 show sold no homes... NONE!!!! Kind of embarrassing.. The other show sells homes.. Hmmmm... Anybody else watches these shows??" so he wrote.

Cast member Colony Reeves was among those who responded to DJ Envy. "Thank you @djenvy for posting about our show! I hope you've watched it on your own. If you did, you will see some homes were sold. Keep in mind this is only season 1 and there's only so much that can be put into 30 minutes and 8 episodes. I encourage you all to support us and watch our show for yourselves before making an assumption. I love you @djenvy !" she wrote to DJ Envy.

To that, the radio host replied, "I'm 6 episodes in.. Not about y'all.. I love the fact y'all have an all Black Real Estate firm... it's dope to me.. but s**t show my sisters like y'all show sunset that all.. I just don't like the fact producers don't show y'all in that light..."

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