Dionne Warwick Wages War With Oreo in Sassy Twitter Spat: 'I Will Be Retaliating'

After the singing legend urges the vegan cookie brand to stick to its original flavor, the company responds by sending her its less well-known merchandise which she finds a bit aggressive.

AceShowbiz - Oreo is about to face the wrath of Dionne Warwick on social media. The singer, who has grown a fondness for tweeting in her later year, and the cookie brand have engaged in a sassy spat which unfolds on Twitter.

It all started as the singing legend invited companies to interact with her on the blue bird app back in October. "Please reply to this twote if are a brand account. Even the mayonnaise companies," she wrote at the time.

Brands including Nutter Butter and Starbucks proceeded to have positive interactions with the pop star, with the 81-year-old replying to them, "Thank you for the lattes" and "Love you back!" Oreo, on the other hand, got a less sweet response after it decided to troll the singer.

After Oreo first replied to Dione's tweet, she criticized the brand's vast array of flavors and variants. She wrote directly to them, "Hello, What is your weirdest flavor? Why are y'all doing the most? The one flavor was fine."

But the vegan cookie brand responded by sending her a car package of its lesser known merchandise, which she found a little bit aggressive. On Wednesday, December 29, she showed to her followers an Oreo lip balm and a package of Java Chip Oreo cookies that the company sent to her.

"After asking @Oreo to stick to the original flavor, they sent me these outrageous items as a response," she captioned the snap. Promising that it's not the end, she added in a separate tweet, "I will be retaliating at a later date."

Oreo later responded by further taunting Dionne as asking, "So... you don't like the lip balm?"

Dionne Warwick and Oreo engaged in a Twitter spat.

It remains to be seen what vengeance that the "I Say a Little Prayer" hitmaker has in plan, but their interaction looks to get more hilarious.

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