Kanye West Called 'Obsessed' and 'Crazy' for Buying Home Across From Kim Kardashian

The Yeezy designer comes under fire after reportedly purchasing a $4.5 million house located directly across the street from his estranged wife in Hidden Hills, California.

AceShowbiz - Kanye West's decision to stay close to Kim Kardashian and their children after she filed for divorce from him ten months ago has prompted comments from social media users. Many dragged him online, calling him "obsessed" and "crazy" among many other things, after he bought a house located directly across the street from his estranged wife's Calabasas home.

"it's weird, obsessive, possessive, and just crazy!" one Instagram user wrote. Another agreed as saying, "Not a hopeless romantic. If you broke up w someone and moved on…would you want them going out their way to make you uncomfortable and wrapping it as 'love'? It's obsessed and narcissistic. It's weird af."

Someone wrote on Twitter, "Kanye know what he doing. Kim and Pete out on dates and he driving her car and the next day Kanye got a house across the street? It's getting a little weird." A fourth claimed, "Lol ya swore up and down Kim made Kanye crazy….. no, that baby is just crazy! That Gemini Kicking In!" A fifth added, "If Kanye buying a house across the street from Kim Kardashian is not peak mental illness then idk what is. It's giving Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace."

Some others accused the rapper of stalking, with one saying, "Kanye is literally stalking Kim and y'all think s**t is a joke…." Another echoed the sentiment as commenting, "Thats some stalker ish hell nawl."

"Kanye's behavior towards kim is very disturbing and who knows that it could lead to," a critic pointed out. Someone else remarked, "When he lived with her he ain't wanna be home, now he wanna live across the street A MESS!"

Another refused to believe that Kanye bought the house for the sake of his children. "People really saying he's doing it for the kids as if he didn't do a performance trying to get kim back USE YOUR COMMON SENSE it ain't bout the kids stop bringing those kids up," the said critic wrote.

Kanye recently bought the single-story house in Hidden Hills for $4.5 million, $421,000 over the seller's asking price of $4.079 million. He closed on the home on December 20 under the LLC, Spruce Blue Trust, after it hit the market for the first time in 67 years on December 1.

On the reason why the 44-year-old artist wants to stay close to Kim, a source told Page Six, "It's just simple logistics so that he is close to his children and has access to them at the drop of a hat." Another source similarly told E! News, "It made perfect sense for him to have a place near the kids."

According to the so-called insider, the Calabasas property sits on a 1-acre lot that is "perfect to be developed into whatever he dreams up." The source added, "It will take time to get permits and plans and he won't be able to live there for awhile. But he is excited about it and so are the kids."

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