Kodak Black Under Fire for Seemingly Getting Underage Son a Twerking Woman

The 'Zeze' rapper gets slammed for seemingly exposing his seven-year-old son Khalid to sexually-suggestive behaviors at pregnant girlfriend's lavish baby shower.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black landed in hot water for his parenting. The controversial rapper was put on blast after a newly-surfaced picture showed him and his little son, King Khalid, dance together while a woman was bending down in front of the young boy to show her scantily-clad derriere.

The image was taken from Black's pregnant girlfriend Maranda Johnson's baby shower. The father-son duo twinned in white suits. Seven-year-old Khalid showed a huge grin as he got closer to the sexually-suggestive woman while another female flashed a big smile in the background.

It's unclear if the woman was a guest or a part of the entertainment at the lavish bash, but many people didn't approve of it.

"Y'all need to stop taking the innocence out of kids so early...it is not their time! Let kids be kids!!" one slammed the rapper. Another exclaimed, "Child abuse."

Other critics called out the sexually-suggestive woman and the female onlookers, "Why would she even participate. Like both are sick asf," and "Sickening & the women who allow it worse." Similar comments read, "im actually disgusted," "This ish is sick," and "Jail jail jail jail."

Kodak Black hasn't made any comments.

He sparked engagement rumors with Maranda at the party after he surprised her with a massive diamond ring. Although he didn't get down on his knee or directly ask her to marry him, he did say they "locked in for life."

He also name-dropped Lil Durk on his caption, seemingly referring to Durk's high-profile proposal to own girlfriend on stage during a recent concert in Chicago.

"I appreciate you for being a vessel to my legacy," he told Miranda in front of partygoers. "And you look so good tonight."

His romantic speech took a darker tone as he continued, "Listen, I'd kill one of these n***as 'bout you, ya heard? I'd kill one of these h**s 'bout you. I'd chop a n***a head off, burn his mama house down and throw his kids in the microwave, ya heard me?"

"Even when we ain't together, we together, ya heard me? And we locked in for life," he continued before presenting the big gift. "I hope [the ring] fits."

The PDA came more than a month after he said he changed his sex life. He talked about withholding from ejaculation, "#SemenRetention All Next Month #NoNutNovember Saving My Life Source & Not Wasting My Energy On Foolishness , Changing Fa The Better Completely Starting Tomorrow."

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