Prior to this, the 33-year-old real estate agent claimed in a recent interview that she suffered PTSD and panic attacks while filming the hit Netflix show.

AceShowbiz - Christine Quinn spoke out against "Selling Sunset". In an interview with E! News' Daily Pop on Wednesday, December 15, Christine blamed the editors of the hit Netflix show for portraying her as the villain of the show.

Of starring on the show, Christine shared, "I actually really loved it at first, and I was embracing it because I love to put on a show and be a character. It's so fun for me, you know?" She went on to say, "However, I was hoping that there would be multiple sides that would be shown--my vulnerability, different things--but throughout the seasons, it just seemed to be this one-note consistency of my character portrayal."

"So it was hard for me," she continued. "Especially when I was going through a lot this season."

Prior to this, the real estate agent claimed that she suffered PTSD and panic attacks while filming the show. "I was pregnant on top of dealing with postpartum depression ... this season was really difficult for me. I did the best that I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time and that I'm still dealing with now," she explained.

In the interview, Christine said that "they make fun of the fact of me being late in the show. It's because I was literally having panic attacks and I was worried about my pregnancy and something going wrong." She also compared the Oppenheim Group office to a "lion's den."

"The problem that I was facing [was] everyone was saying, 'Oh, well, you know, she's so thin. She's so this. She's so that.' But inside, I was dealing with PTSD. It was extremely hurtful considering the process that I went through," the 33-year-old star said.

The TV star also slammed "Selling Sunset" for falsely portraying her pregnancy journey. "I had my baby and then [it appeared] I was doing a yoga scene. But in real life, in that yoga scene, I was actually pregnant," she explained. "They edited me from, you know, the boobs up, so I got a lot of backlash on social media, [with people] saying, 'I can't believe you're doing yoga two weeks after giving birth after having an emergency C-section.' "

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