Colton Underwood Reveals He Avoided Showering With NFL Teammates as He's Scared of Being 'Turned On'

In a new interview, the season 23 star of 'The Bachelor' explains that he would never shower with the rest of the team because he wanted to avoid any chance of being 'asked' about his sexuality and being 'outed.'

AceShowbiz - Colton Underwood has recalled how hard it was for him to keep his sexuality hidden from his former NFL teammates. In a new interview, the season 23 star of "The Bachelor" revealed that he avoided showering with the rest of his team as he was scared of being "turned on."

Talking to Alex Cooper in the Wednesday, December 15 episode of "Call Her Daddy" podcast, the 29-year-old confessed, "I wouldn't shower after practice because I was afraid of getting turned on in the locker room or in the shower." The reality star, who played in the NFL from 2014 until 2016, added, "I never really was attracted to anybody who I played with, so it's sort of silly to even say that, but I wanted to avoid any chance of being outed so I would not shower with the rest of the team."

"I would leave. I would change in a corner or in a stall," Colton remembered. "There was just a lot of things that I sort of did differently than other players because I felt like I had to, because I didn't want questions to start being asked."

Colton told Alex that he had to stay "completely away" from his teammates. "I kept my eyes locked on eyes at all times. I played it very safe because I didn't want to give anyone a reason to come at me," so he said.

He went on to claim that the coaches and other players in the locker room weren't very friendly, adding that the locker room was homophobic. "It's like [they're] slapping [each other's] a**es, commenting on each other's d**ks, and then all of a sudden being called a f*g or queer, and all of these derogatories," he explained.

"I would be sitting in my locker room and a guy would walk by to go to the shower and comment on another guy's penis size, like, 'Dang that's big,' stuff like that," Colton detailed. He also said that sometimes other football players in the locker room would give comments on a "nice a**."

"And then, within seconds, if you stare at the d**k too long, it's like, 'What are you doing f*g?' All of a sudden a flip switches," Colton, who recently confirmed that he's dating Jordan C. Brown, recalled. "There's an appropriate time that you can look, but if you take it one second too long, you all of a sudden are gay."

Colton continued, "And it's super confusing because I'm sitting there like, 'Wait, maybe other men, especially in this locker room, are questioning [their sexuality] or struggling with their sexuality too.' " The ex-boyfriend of Cassie Randolph noted, "And then as soon as that flicker of hope for me [was ignited] it flipped to slurs and homophobia. And I'd be like, 'Okay, never mind. It's just me.' "

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