50 Cent Declares It's 'The Purge' After Madonna Called His Apology 'Fake'

Posting a theatrical trailer-style attack on the 'Like a Virgin' singer following her response to his apology, he insists that she 'took it personally' when he mocked her racy bedroom pictures.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent clearly has no intention to bow down to Madonna. The rapper continues to mock the singer after she didn't accept his apology for his mockery over her racy bedroom pictures, declaring that it's "The Purge."

On Sunday, December 12, the former G-Unit leader posted on his Instagram account a theatrical trailer-style attack on the "Like a Virgin" singer. In the video, inspired by "The Purge" movie, he mashed up footage of Madge's latest response to his apology and his own color commentary.

"Her feelings were hurt," he said as she said, "You didn't hurt my feelings." Fiddy, who edited his face in the video to make him look like a sort of grim reaper, then added, "You took it personally." He additionally wrote in the caption, "The Purge Begins now! hey is there a age limit for this kinda shit man,i'm asking for a friend."

50 Cent also took aim at Bow Wow for liking Madonna's post. "I see BOW WOW mad i told everybody he took that money home from that strip club," the "Power" co-creator/producer wrote along with a screenshot showing Bow Wow leaving his mark on Madge's post. "Fool that money was for the dancers!"

Prior to this, 50 Cent trolled Madonna by sharing a series of pictures that showed women with their knees folded and butts in the air, seemingly imitating the 63-year-old diva's pose in one of her NSFW photos. "well what a positive influence you are. LOL," he wrote, calling it "#likeavirgin63 challenge." He added, "I'm sorry, SORRY DIDN'T WORK !"

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