WWE Star 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Excitedly Announces He's Cancer-Free

The professional wrestler encourages his followers to check up on their health while revealing that he is now cancer-free after his battle with prostate cancer.

AceShowbiz - "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan has given his fans a major update on his health. Taking to his social media platform, the professional wrestler excitedly announced that he is now cancer-free after his battle with prostate cancer.

In a video the 67-year-old shared on his Instagram account on Wednesday, December 8, he said, "Hey everybody, I just wanna share the great news I just received." He continued sharing the happy news, "That my cancer is all encapsulated inside my prostate."

"Thank God, I'm officially cancer free," Jim shared. He added, "This is my second bout with cancer. Twenty years ago I had kidney cancer, now prostate cancer." He then encouraged his fans and followers to keep checking on themselves as saying, "Folks, remember, early detection saves lives," before concluding his video, "Merry Christmas and ho, ho, Hooooo!"

Jim unveiled his prostate cancer diagnosis in late October. At the time, he said, "Hi folks. Deborah and I always share the good times, but today we've got to share some bad times. I've been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I'm having my surgery tomorrow."

"But the reality is here. I'm going to Charleston tomorrow for my cancer surgery," Jim continued. He then asked his fans for their prayers, "So folks I know you've been thinking and praying for me with this last surgery, but please think of me this Friday as I go into my cancer surgery down in Charleston." He then concluded the clip as saying, "So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and we'll see you down the road with the grace of God and the skills of the doctors. Love ya."

Following the medical procedure, Jim's family made use of his Instagram page to share a photo of Jim resting in his hospital bed. Along with the picture, his family stated, "Jim's surgery went as planned. He is resting comfortably now." The statement continued, "Thank you for your prayers, good vibes and well wishes. Please continue them as he continues to heal. #PhysicalsSaveLives."

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