Fetty Wap's BM Slams Him for Bringing Up Their Late Daughter in Interview Despite His Absence

The 'Trap Queen' hitmaker, who shared 4-year-old Lauren with Turquoise Miami, opens up about the loss of their daughter when speaking with Fat Joe during an Instagram Live.

AceShowbiz - Fetty Wap's baby mama isn't pleased with his recent interview. Upon learning that the rapper brought up their late daughter Lauren despite his absence while she's alive, Turquoise Miami took to social media to put him on blast.

Turquoise lashed out at her baby daddy during an Instagram Live on Sunday, November 28. "I don't like that you're always talking about my daughter... When I feel better to talk about my child, to post about my child, I will, 'cause I'm the only person who has that right," she argued.

"You have never been that n***a in my daughter's life," Turquoise went on fuming. "You told me to raise your child by yourself. You told me a million times every time I asked you for help... Stop doing interviews about my f**king child. I'm depressed."

Fetty opened up about the loss of his daughter when speaking to Fat Joe. "I lost my daughter June 24. I got that phone call at 12:36 P.M. I'll never forget this day in my life. I was down in Miami at this Cuban spot I go to, I ordered my favorite meal. At 12:36 I see my baby mother's number pop up on my phone," the "Trap Queen" hitmaker shared.

Admitting that he and Turquoise "weren't really getting along," the 30-year-old MC explained, "So I'm thinking to myself, 'Oh I'm about to see my baby. I'm about to get to see my daughter.' " He went on to recall, "And when I answered the phone, she looked at me, and when she looked at me I'm like 'What's up?' "

"She dropped her head, and I hung the phone up like, 'Nah what's up?' Then she called me back and I saw the tears coming down and I said, 'Get over here right now, come over here now,' " the Paterson native continued recounting. "Then she showed me the police officer and he says, 'I'm sorry.' "

"Nothing in my life could ever be that bad. That's the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life," Fetty lamented. "I say that to say my head's always high. I was in a real dark place after that. It was two weeks after my 30th birthday. I turned 30 on June 7th, and my daughter died on June 24. I'm like 'Why?' You try to justify it was somebody else that did this."

Fetty once again emphasized that he came "into a dark place" since the death of his daughter. However, he noted that he knows "she's smiling with me, I know she's watching down on me. I know she's looking at me like, 'Daddy it's all gonna be okay, It's all going to be good.' " 

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