Halle Berry Moved by Boyfriend's Heartfelt Post Following 'Bruised' Release

The 'Catwoman' actress is grateful as beau Van Hunt sings her high praises in a heartfelt post following the release of her first big-screen directorial project.

AceShowbiz - Halle Berry has heaped praise on her boyfriend, Van Hunt, for writing "the MOST amazing article" about the actress to celebrate the release of her directorial debut, "Bruised".

The "Monster's Ball" star loved the essay, the record producer posted on her lifestyle website, Re-Spin.

The 55-year-old actress shared a link on Twitter, alongside two selfies of the couple and the message, "When your man writes the MOST amazing article about you on such a special day."

In the article, titled "Feet to the Fire: The article I wish someone would write about Halle Berry", Hunt lauds the "Catwoman" star for her ability to make things happen as a woman in a "man's world."

The "Being a Girl" hitmaker wrote, "Halle waits on nothing and leads the rhythm where she wants it to go. She knows that magic is made, and she was not made for waiting on it to happen."

"It could be interpreted as 'controlling', but a more obvious explanation is that this man's world has made this woman acutely aware that survival is a thing that must be secured, not hoped for."

Van claimed people usually speak of her "beauty" and body of work - such her Revlon contract and starring roles in the Bond movie "Die Another Day" and "Gothika" - when describing her, instead of appreciating her "tenacity" or her "heart."

He added, "No one ever discusses this tenacity when describing her. They speak of beauty and favorite movies, but never of heart. It is nigh impossible to peer inside Halle without noticing her heart; and the principles that make it thump."

The "Seconds of Pleasure" singer admitted that before Halle came into his life, he "never had an inkling of what acting is" and that she helped him understand it deeper.

He shared he now understands the artform to be "magic" that needs "years and years of preparation" before it can be utilized correctly.

"Acting is making magic, and what all magicians understand is that making magic is not magic," he explained. "It is, instead, years and years of preparation, ushered before an audience with only seconds to hold or fold before it."

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