Peter Andre Recalls Having Knife Pulled on His Throat at Australian Club

Though admitting he is still scarred by the incident done by male bully, the 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker expresses his hope to head home and work more in the land Down Under.

AceShowbiz - Peter Andre is still scarred from a terrifying club drama when a man held a knife to his throat. The "Mysterious Girl" hitmaker claims men in his native Australia despised him when his career took off in the mid-1990s and one even threatened him with a weapon on a night out.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Peter recalled, "I was massive in Australia but guys hated me because I was on the cover of all the magazines, so I suffered a different kind of bullying. I had a knife pulled on my throat in a club."

But the singer, who now lives in the U.K., has no reservations about heading home in the future, revealing he wants to work more in Australia.

"It feels like the right time because my mum and dad are in their late eighties and every year is crucial now, especially with my mum not being very well," he says. "I hope I'll be able to get over there soon."

Peter was inspired to start considering a trip Down Under after receiving a home video clip from his sister, Debbie.

"It was a video of my parents watching me and [wife] Emily being interviewed on Australian TV," he said. "It absolutely melted my heart and made me really emotional because it's such a bittersweet situation not being able to see them in person. But to see they were able to watch their son and it make them proud makes me so happy. It also made me think about doing more work in Australia."

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