Travis Scott May Not Be Held Financially Liable for Astroworld Tragedy, Lawyers Say It's 'A Stretch'

The 'SICKO MODE' spitter is believed to be 'dismissed' from the case despite billions worth of lawsuits filed against him as there's 'not enough' evidence to prove that he incited the violence directly.

AceShowbiz - Travis Scott (II) may not face financial consequences for the disastrous Astroworld Festival despite billions worth of lawsuits filed against him. Many lawyers doubted that the rapper will be held financially liable for the ten fatalities that occurred, adding that it's "a stretch."

"I think it'd be a stretch to put this on [Travis]," Nick Rozansky, attorney at Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror & Weber, who is unaffiliated with the case, told Yahoo Finance. However, Nick believed that the 30-year-old rapper may have a difficult time getting booked in the future without many stipulations. Instead of the venue or entertainment company footing the bill for additional security and special insurance, Nick said that "all of those costs would be reallocated to Travis."

Attorney Bryan Sullivan of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae also agreed with that assessment, specifically in the $750 million lawsuit recently filed by Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee on behalf of 125 victims. Bryan, who is also unaffiliated with the case, believed proving Travis to be liable will be difficult in court because a plaintiff would have to prove Travis incited the violence directly.

In addition, Bryan stated that things like Travis' past behavior and lyrical content are "not enough" to stand up in court. "You can be a very violent person in an area where there was a fight, but not have thrown a punch," Bryan said.

"The law requires him to engage in specific conduct that incited the incidents...What did he do at Astroworld that night? That's the question the courts will be asking," so said Bryan. The attorney then concluded that Travis "likely will be dismissed from the case" as long as no more damning evidence comes to light.

Those lawyers' statements came as Travis has been facing plenty of heat following the Astroworld tragedy. As for now, Kylie Jenner's baby daddy is reportedly facing over hundreds of lawsuits, representing over 300 victims and seeking approximately $3 billion in damages.

A recent lawsuit was filed by Thomas J. Henry on behalf of 282 victims. The lawsuit was submitted against the "ESCAPE PLAN" rapper, Drake, Live Nation, Apple Music as well as NRG Stadium and sued the parties for $2 billion.

"The resulting catastrophic incident and carnage were easily foreseeable and preventable had the Defendants acted in a reasonably prudent manner in planning a large-scale festival like Astroworld," Thomas stated in the legal document. "My clients want to ensure the defendants are held responsible for their actions, and they want to send the message to all performers, event organizers, and promoters that what happened at Astroworld cannot happen again."

Another massive lawsuit, worth $750 million, which was filed against Travis by more than 125 fans, claimed the fund is meant to cover both physical and mental health injuries as well as the loss of life. Houston attorney Tony Buzzbee explained in the legal paper, "The damages sought in this case attempts to fix, help, or make up for the harms and losses suffered by these Plaintiffs -- nothing more and nothing less."

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