The 'Dopesick' actor turns to physical exercise and stays away from social media as he struggles with mental health issues during the challenging time amid Covid-19 pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Will Poulter "struggled" with his mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 28-year-old actor admitted he found things tough during the global health crisis, and he knows "many people" felt the same amid lockdowns and other restrictions.

"To be completely candid with you, I really struggled with my mental health like many people did throughout the pandemic," he told E! News.

The "Dopesick" star admitted his role as Billy Cutler in the Hulu miniseries - which was created by Danny Strong and based on Beth Macy's 2018 book "Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America" - also proved challenging mentally.

He noted the cast and crew were "very empathic" towards him, and added, "I'm very grateful to them for that."

After filming finished on the show, Will took time out to visit his family as he put a renewed focus on his physical and mental health.

"I am a big proponent of physical exercise and the natural endorphins that come from doing that as a means of improving your mental health," he explained.

He also makes sure to keep a "regulated distance from social media."

"I try and maintain a kind of healthy and regulated distance from social media, because often on social media you're exposing yourself to the opinions of people that you don't know," he said.

Meanwhile, Will - who lives on his own in east London - previously suggested being "a social recluse" actually helped him during lockdown, as the situation wasn't a particularly new experience.

"As an actor, you spend a lot of time unemployed, so lockdown wasn't wildly different to a lot of the time that I've spent," he said. "And I am a bit of a social recluse as well, I guess, so it wasn't a huge adaptation for me."

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