George Clooney Plans to Cut Back on Work After Turning 60
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Fearing his love of acting and directing would keep him away from his family, 'The Midnight Sky' actor boasts about getting pranked by his four-year-old twins at home.

AceShowbiz - Turning 60 forced George Clooney to take a good look at his work/life balance and decide to cut back on his job, so he can spend more time at home with his twins.

The movie star feared his love of acting and directing would keep him away from his family, but he admits getting pranked by his four-year-olds makes him happier than playing practical jokes on a movie set.

Opening up about life at home with Ella and Alexander on the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, George says, "They're funny, and they pull pranks on me. I just look at them thinking, 'I couldn't be happier and I couldn't be more surprised at how happy I am.' "

And that has made him rethink his work schedule. "I've committed to a certain amount of work that I'm going to do, making sure that I'm going to do that, because it's a commitment and it's the right thing to do," he says, "and (my wife Amal) is in the exact same place."

And Clooney insists that having reached the age milestone, he's still in great shape.

"I've done all the physicals and, knock on wood, I'm in good shape," the Oscar winner smiles. "I feel healthy. Sixty, you can kind of beat the devil a little bit, eighty you can't and that's twenty years from now. Twenty years happens in a flash, and faster as you get older."

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