T-Pain Gets Sympathy After Showing His Rolls-Royce Getting Repo'd

While some send the '5 O'Clock' rhymer supportive messages after he shares a video of his car getting taken back, Bow Wow thinks that it is 'fake' and another hopes that it's just 'a skit.'

AceShowbiz - T-Pain may be still dealing with the repercussion of his financial crisis. The rapper has provoked sympathy from his friends and fans after sharing a video of his Rolls-Royce apparently getting repo'd.

On Wednesday, November 10, the star, whose real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm, posted the clip on Instagram. The less-than-one-minute clip showed him talking to a man who told him, "I gotta take it."

T-Pain seemed to be in despair as he watched the black vehicle be carefully taken into a big moving truck, putting his two hands above his head. He threw his hand in the air once it was moved into the truck and walked away after completing the paper.

In the caption, he warned his followers, "If you have somebody watching your money, make sure you have somebody watching THEM too. The good news is I've been here before and I know how to bounce back so f**k it," said Pain on Instagram. He went on sharing, "Y'all be careful out here man and watch your business like you watch your b***hes. See y'all on the brighter side."

Apparently feeling for him, Tamar Braxton wrote in the comment section, "Wow." Others sent him supportive messages like, "Don't trip bro we know how to hustle and get it right byke!!!" and "You got this s**t broski."

"Damn sholl ain't nothing we ain't been through before.. the bounce back is what matters," one remarked, while someone else said, "Bro you talent asf… you'll get it right back!!!!" Another echoed the sentiment, "You'll get things back Bro!! It'll be Alright!!"

Bow Wow, on the other hand, wasn't convinced that T-Pain lost the car because he couldn't afford it. "Naw this gotta be fake," he argued. "Thats the kinda truck they use to transpo vehicles! This aint no tow truck! stop playing w teddy pain."

Another agreed as saying, "I know you up to somethin thow." Someone else added, "I hope this is a skit...."

T-Pain has in the past opened up about his financial problem. "I definitely had to run out of money first," he told Gary Vaynerchuk in 2017. "I had to borrow money to get Burger King. It got that bad. And I still had artists, and stuff. I was paying for photoshoots, and I was borrowing money to do all that."

At that time, the 37-year-old said he had overcome that setback and was back on his financial feet. However, just a year later, it was reported that he was about to lose his Florida home because he had stopped making mortgage payments since 2016.

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