Toosii Speaks Out After Receiving 'Gay Jokes' for Slapping Fan Who Groped Him

The 'Thank You For Believing' rapper decides not to 'publicly embarrass' the girl who tried to touch his private area after a video of him slapping her hand goes viral.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Toosii has spoken out after he was hit with jokes and backlash about him being gay. In a new social media post, the "Love Cycle" rapper addressed the online trolls after slapping a fan who groped him.

"I see the video of me slapping the girl hand for trying to touch my private area surfacing," the 21-year-old rapper tweeted. He continued, "I don't know where the gay jokes started but i don't feed into the internet. I'm a [sic] adult." He also said that he still has respect for the lady as saying, "I'm not into publicly embarrassing my girl."

Many social media users were quick to show their support to the rapper, whose real name is Nau'Jour Lazier Grainger. "People don't know what kind of traumas other people have suffered, can't be violating people/touching them without consent," one wrote.

A separate critic defended him, "How about let's not sexually assault people? It's not suddenly ok just because he's a man." Another person chimed in, "Also, she should be charged. that's sexual assault."

In the meantime, others applauded Toosii for respecting the unidentified woman. "Kudos to him respecting his girl," a fan praised him, while another wrote, "I love that for him. That's the level of respect I need from my man."

Some social media users questioned why Toosii received gay jokes after he stopped the girl from groping him. "Huh how would this make him gay?? He's always unnecessarily defending his sexuality. The double standard has to stop she should not have been trying to fondle this man. He was right to slap her hand," one wrote. Another quipped, "People are weird that would call him gay for that. Consent goes both ways."

The video is shown through the perspective of a person in the audience and Toosii is seen at the front of the stage performing. Then, a woman was caught stroking the "Thank You For Believing" rapper's body, including his private area. Without skipping a beat, the artist continued to perform as he quickly brushed her hand away.

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