Tommie Lee Admits She 'Cried' After Physically Punishing Daughter for Stealing Her Car

When defending her parenting approach, the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star reveals that it was the second time she had to be 'physical' with her 14-year-old daughter.

AceShowbiz - Tommie Lee let fans know that she doesn't like to physically punish her daughter. The "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star, who previously called out her child on social media for stealing and wrecking her expensive car, admitted that she "cried" after getting "physical" in disciplining the teenager.

"After reviewing some of these remarks I feel compelled to speak on the fact that I've repeatedly thought about this incident and if it had taken a turn for the worst," the reality star wrote on Instagram Story. "All day while most of everybody who commented said I should beat my child and spoke as if they knew that's where my head was when I mentioned discipline."

"And to be honest it wasn't my previous run in with my child that was so publicly scrutinized. [It] was her 2nd time I've ever had to be physical with her and both times I cried after," the 37-year-old confessed. "If you know me in real life then you know this to be true.

Tommie then noted that while "a lot of people's focus" was on her F1 Jaguar, her concern was her 14-year-old daughter driving the car "from Tarzana to Beverly Hills with very little experience." She further explained, "The horsepower on that car with the lack of knowledge being driven by a kid could have left my child dead."

"This experience has taught me a few things and the main thing is none of us have this parent s**t on lock and unlike you 'privileged' mf's I'm not stay at home mom," she further argued. "I have to work to provide for my family so that whole you should've been home stuff is a joke to me because if I stay home I won't have one."

"Y'all voiced y'all opinions and here's mine, by the time your child reaches middle school they are no longer entertained or lead by your super f**king parenting skills," Tommie further wrote. "They are being lead and influenced by their peers and oh the undefeated Internet seeing some of these wack a** recommendations made me proud of the mother I am cause y'all trippin damn and here I was thinking I'm the bad guy."

Regardless, Tommie informed her online devotees that she did "appreciate the more sensible responses prayers and concerns." She later concluded, "We good and to all my super parents that never had no funny s**t happen to them and their kids would never disrespect them or try them like that.... Let me borrow ya pamphlet b***h I need it!"

The posts arrived after Tommie slammed her daughter on Instagram Story, saying that the latter stole and wrecked her Jaguar while she was out of town. At that time, the TV personality let out a video showing some scratches on the right front wheel of the car.

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