'MDLLA' Star Josh Flagg Reveals 'There's Nothing Real' About Sonja Morgan Cigarette Vagina Claim

The 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' star dubs the claim 'ridiculous' after an old video that sees him and the 'RHONY' star discussing their wild night resurfaced.

AceShowbiz - Josh Flagg is setting the record straight on cigarette vagina claim involving Sonja Morgan. The "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star has shut down the rumor after an old video that sees him and "The Real Housewives of New York City" star discussing putting a cigarette on her vagina resurfaced.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Heather McDonald's "Juicy Scoop" podcast, the 36-year-old real estate broker said that he was kidding about putting a cigarette in Morgan's private parts. "[Heather Thomson] is full of s**t. Sonja and I have been best friends for literally 15 years," he told the podcast host over FaceTime.

"The s**t we say sometimes on my Instagram...It's just fun," Flagg explained further. He stressed, "We just have, like, a good time. There's nothing real about it." He added, "Do you really think I stuck a f**king lit cigarette in her vagina? I mean, like, if you dig far enough you'll see also a part where I said I put a Rolex in there and it didn't come out. But come on. This is ridiculous."

Flagg's statement came just a day after a March 2019 clip that saw him talking about a night out when he "stuck a cigarette up [Morgan's] vagina" resurfaced. "Remember that one time after Townhouse [Bar]? I stuck a Parliament [cigarette] up [Morgan's] vagina once," Flagg recalled in the video. In response, Morgan smiled and said, "Oh, God. We woke up the next day, there were so many cigarettes lying around."

Flagg went on to say, "It was all over." The self-proclaimed best luxury realtor in Los Angeles clarified, "I mean literally I stuck a cigarette up [Morgan's] vagina." Morgan then chimed in, "Just for fun."

The old video resurfaced after "RHONY" alum Thomson claimed that Morgan allowed men to "put lit cigarettes in her vagina" in Dave Quinn's tell-all book "Not All Diamonds and Rose". However, Morgan was quick to debunk the claim and called her former co-star a "liar."

In the comment section of an Instagram post shared by Faces by Bravo, Morgan laughed off Thomson's story as saying, "Liar liar pants on fire." In a separate comment, the socialite stressed, "This book is really stirring the pot [laughing with tears emoji]." In another, she alleged that Thomson's husband of 18 years, Jonathan Schindler, "wanted a 3 some."

The alleged incident happened during "RHONY" season 7 cast trip to Atlantic City. Back in 2015, Morgan made Thomson and her former co-star Kristen Taekman, who both departed the Bravo show after the season 7 aired, wait in the front entrance of her townhouse while she gathered herself upstairs before a limo was scheduled to take them to New Jersey's oceanside destination.

"That's actually when I turned on Sonja, because I had literally carried that woman home," Thomson claimed. "I had scraped her off carpets. I had taken her out of a vestibule where she was letting guys put lit cigarettes in her vagina."

In Quinn's book, Morgan didn't respond to Thomson's claim. However, the Bravo star told Quinn she never came down to check on her co-stars, who were idly hanging out in the front entrance of her home on that day, because she had to take care of her daughter, Quincy.

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