SZA Dubbed 'Liar' After Calling Out Photographer for Sharing Her Snaps Without Consent

The singer is slammed by social media users for not paying a photographer named Edwig Henson after he defended himself following the 'Good Days' hitmaker's accusations.

AceShowbiz - SZA's recent allegation against a photographer has backfired. The "Good Days" hitmaker was slammed by social media critics and dubbed a "liar" for alleging that a photographer named Edwig Henson shared her bikini shoot without her consent.

On Wednesday, October 27, Twitter users poured their thoughts after Edwig admitted that the 31-year-old singer "agreed" to buy the photos but he hasn't received the payment. One Twitter user wrote, "I'm crying because she literally posted them on her story... didn't pay the guy...and he posted them for exposure (they agreed) and then she decided that she doesn't want them posted. She has issues and acts if she's better than everyone and every1 must bend to her will."

After calling out Edwig on her Twitter account, it seemed that SZA herself posted the alleged photos on her Instagram Story, but she quickly deleted it. Upon learning her social media gestures, a critic stated, "SZA deada** had everyone attacking that poor photographer yesterday only to post the photos on her ig story."

"Wait why did sza post them pictures on her story on her instagram if she ain't want them up," a separate Twitter user penned. In the meantime, another person chimed in, "Does SZA lie or does she create enchanted stories for the world to enjoy?"

A different critic fumed via Twitter, "I hate defending black men but now that man career hanging by a thread bc her nasty paranoid a** wanted to self victimize." The post continued to read, "Like the weirdo she is omg you 30 sumn years old how long you gon be doing this."

SZA landed in hot water after she expressed her disappointment toward Edwig. "Releasing pictures of me w/out my consent is scary. Y'all be careful working w folk u don't know well," she tweeted on October 26. She added, "He literally text me [and] said 'sorry if u never wanna work w me again but I decided I'm releasing these' never felt more powerless or disrespected."

Shortly afterwards, Edwig defended himself in a statement he shared on his Twitter account. "Firstly I would like to apologize for any hurt feelings I have caused by my decision to post my work. I have the utmost respect for women and have no intention of disrespecting anyone," he wrote. In his lengthy statement, the photographer explained that "Sza reached out to [him] on Sept 22nd to collaborate on a shoot."

After pointing out that "contracts were made but never signed" and "payment till this day hasn't been made," Edwig stressed that he's "definitely not doing anything for clout." He concluded his statement as saying, "I'm not arguing with anyone on social media. Never have, never will. And please stop sending death threats."

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