'RHOBH': Erika Jayne Claims She Feels Horrible for Victims of Tom Girardi's Alleged Crime

In the third installment of the reunion, Erika also claims that she has been 'keeping score' regarding who among her 'RHOBH' co-stars are her true friends and who are not.

AceShowbiz - Erika Jayne continued to be grilled in Part 3 of Reunion special for "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Airing on Wednesday, October 27, the episode saw host Andy Cohen exposed a text that Erika sent to him prior to the Reunion taping.

In the said text, the embattled reality TV star wrote, "I'd love you if you didn't go hard on me." Andy, however, didn't plan to go easy on Erika as he said, "We're gonna put you on a skewer and I'm gonna fire up the barbecue." To that, Erika fired back, "And I'm so f**ing ready for you!"

In the episode, Erika claimed that she had been "keeping score" regarding who among her "RHOBH" co-stars are her true friends and who are not. When asked to name names, Erika said that she's "gonna keep that to myself." However, she did call out Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley, whom she accused of mocking her life and her family over a dinner with their husbands.

"To watch the four of you mock my life and mock my family really hurt me," Erika shared. Kyle replied, "That night specifically, I felt so bad. Because we do care about you."

Dorit added, "We were trying to tell the story, and it was getting jumbled and confused, and the more it got jumbled and confused, it became almost preposterous. It was not at all -- I swear to you, hand on my heart, and I know Kyle feels this way, too -- ever to make a mockery of your situation."

Later in the episode, Erika said, "I loved my husband, I thought he was great. Now he’s allegedly defrauding widows, orphans and burn victims. How the f**k do you think I feel?" When Andy asked, "How do you feel?" Erika replied, "Horrible! And I've said that. Over and over and over."

She also said that public's negative comments were not the ones who hurt her. "I'm not surprised at the viewers," Erika revealed. "I'm surprised at the women who are sitting right here, because they know the source. They can come to me. There is no reason why any of these women should ever think that I would withhold something from them."

Meanwhile, it has been reported that almost all full cast of current season will be returning for upcoming season 12 of "RHOBH". "The ladies began filming last Tuesday," a source tells HollywoodLife.com. "They are picking up right where they left off with the Erika story line but she also will be trying to have a lighter and fun season as much as she possibly can."

"Producers didn't want to miss anything with Erika. All of the ladies are returning including [Kathy Hilton] as a friend," the source continues. "She really enjoyed her experience more than she thought she would and she will never be full-time. She's really glad she did the show. As of now, nobody new has been introduced to the group and it’s looking like it’ll be the same cast."

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