Moniece Slaughter Blasts 'Love and Hip Hop' for Disregarding Her and Cast

In a lengthy Instagram post, the former 'LHH: Hollywood' cast member notes that the cast 'are a VERY talented, beautiful group of individuals' and didn't deserved to be treated the way they are treated on 'LHH'.

AceShowbiz - Moniece Slaughter has been very vocal that she's not a fan of how she was portrayed on "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood". She further made it clear after she found out that Andy Cohen suggested that a physical fight on his show, "Real Housewives", is embarrassing because "this is not 'Love & Hip Hop'."

After learning the comment, Moniece wrote on Instagram, "I don't know @bravoandy And I want to sit this right here. THIS!!!! This is why I left love and hip hop." She went on to say, "Whether I like my cast mates & they like me or not, we are a VERY talented, beautiful group of individuals."

"The fighting. The perpetual cycle of degradation of our own people, became so exhausting. And even more frustrating, is the fact that we're no longer respected for the same reasons we were initially casted. Singers. Songwriters. Producers. Directors. WOMEN!!!!" Moniece stressed.

In her lenghty post, Moniece, however, did say that she's grateful "for what the platform did for me monetarily." She noted, "Financially it's changed my life. But we are THE ONLY 'Reality TV' series I know of, that hasn't been beneficial AFTER the fact; for MOST of us. There are some who have gone on to do such AMZING things. And I love that for them."

While Moniece praised Andy and Bravo for creating "a platform like The Real Housewives Franchise, where every woman regardless of their portrayal; is extremely successful and HIGHLY PAID," she added, "it's so disheartening that this is what Love and Hip Hop has meant for most of us. It's become the Epitome of low class, bottom feeding behavior. It's become the 'what not to be,' in the 'Reality Tv' space. And it's hurtful I'm not going to lie. Because we bear our souls & we go through real things. But we're so disregarded."

Concluding her message, Moniece wrote, "I'd really like to see the game change. Because whether people want to respect it or not, there are MILLIONS of young women who have selected LHH cast, franchise wide as Role Models!"

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