Willie Taylor Says He Wants to Get 'Peace' After Wife Accuses Him of Leaving His Family

When explaining the reason why he decided to leave Shanda and their four kids, the former singer of DAY26 reveals that he wants to take a break to focus on mental health.

AceShowbiz - Willie Taylor has finally set the record straight. After his wife Shanda accused him of leaving her and their four children, the DAY26 singer was quick to offer his clarification, saying that he wants to get some "peace."

During an Instagram Live on Thursday, October 21, the musician said, "I love my family... But sometimes you need a break," while overlooking the scenery in Sedona, Arizona. He then added, "The break is for me. I don't wanna lose myself. So I came up [here] to finally [get] my peace."

Willie went on to assure his fans that "everybody is taken care of." He further noted that his wife asked for money and he did send it to her. "The kids are good. But I will not go back to the toxic situation. Thank you all... I didn't wanna die guys, I didn't wanna die. So I came to get some peace," he elaborated.

Shanda then reacted to Willie's statement. "I don't get a break. I never get a break. Even when I... after I having my last baby. Do you think he ever gave a f**k about me?" she explained during an Instagram Live. "Depression is real. And that's the time I feel I needed the most help."

This arrived after Shanda came forward with their marriage issue on Instagram. "Gonna be completely honest I've never felt so good from the inside and out. The sad part is people don't like to see it cause they are used to u being unhappy," she first wrote in the caption.

"It's scares them [smiling with hearts emoji] so they put you thru turmoil to break you and keep you broken. Yes the tagged," Shanda continued, as she tagged her husband in her photo. "You can't hold me down if u tried. Left me aimlessly with 4 kids cause u needed a break. Guess what they saddled on my back girl friend."

The post has since been reposted by several gossip accounts on Instagram, prompting Shanda to change her caption to, "Damn ...... period." When a fan asked her why she replaced it, she explained, "I changed it cause my kids read it. Nothing more nothing less shorty."

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