Emma Watson Chastised for Wearing Bra-Baring Outfit to Interview Al Gore

While the 'Beauty and the Beast' actress is super into the eco-friendly custom-made piece, social media users call her out for the 'inappropriate' ensemble that leaves her bra exposed.

AceShowbiz - It's only recently that Emma Watson has returned for her first public appearances in years, but she has already earned some criticism. The British actress caught some flak after interviewing Al Gore in a revealing outfit.

Attending the Climate Reality event hosted by Al Gore in Edinburgh on Wednesday, October 20, the Hermione Granger of the "Harry Potter" movie series opted for a custom Emilia Wickstead outfit that fit the eco-friendly theme. The patterned two-piece set featured a mid-length skirt and a super short crop top, which exposed the bottom part of her Wickstead-designed black bra.

"Thank you to the loveliest Emilia for making me this beautiful custom piece," Emma posted on Instagram along with a picture of her meeting with Al Gore. Seemingly super into the outfit, she added, "It was handmade in London using leftover fabrics consisting of 62% recycled yarn that was locally sourced, woven, and printed in Italy. I will be wearing this a lot!!"

However, social media users questioned her choice of outfit for the serious discussion with the environmentalist, with many deeming it "inappropriate." One person commented, "The skirt is beautiful, but why on earth would you choose to have your undergarments showing. If this were an actual business meeting, this would be highly inappropriate and no one would take her seriously."

"This is surreal," another baffled user asked, "Is she actually supposed to be adding value to a profoundly serious dialogue in that outfit?" A third weighed in, "I love your brand but, how is she supposed to have meaningful engaging conversations at such an important climate event wearing essentially a bra??? Plus Scotland is cold! Women have brains, why flash their boobs."

"Sorry but what an odd inappropriate attire she is wearing. Choose your timing," another commented. Someone else called out Emma for her revealing attire, "Genuinely awful. Attire for these events is smart casual/ light business. Showing a midriff is never ok, as would a man showing up in a tank top. This is embarrassing regardless of its recycled status."

That aside, Emma admitted to be starstruck after meeting her "idol," Al Gore. "I died," she wrote along with a picture of her lying on the floor while still wearing the same outfit. "It was really surreal to meet and interview one of my idols."

She continued gushing about the former Vice President of the U.S., "I think one of the many reasons I find Al Gore so compelling is that - even though he lost one of the biggest fights of his life to become president in 2000 (by such an unbearably close margin...) he has continued to do the work he set out to do despite humiliation, loss and defeat... the tides have been against him for years and he's kept swimming. That to me is a hero. Thankfully climate change action is becoming mainstream and the tides have turned in his direction and now we are all swimming with him."

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