Royce Da 5'9 Admits to Having 'Best Sleep' in Jail After Unexpected Sentence for DUI Case

Speaking on the 'Breaking Anonymity' podcast, the 'Detroit vs. Everybody' rapper reveals that he first believed he's going to leave the court a day after his arrest, but it turned out that he had to stay behind bars for a year.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Royce Da 5'9 has detailed his DUI arrest that led to an unexpected jail sentence. Though so, the "Detroit vs. Everybody" rapper admitted that he had the "opportunity to get some of the best sleep" he ever got during his prison time.

When speaking on the "Breaking Anonymity" podcast, the "Caterpillar" rapper began saying, "I made everything more difficult. I turned everything into the long way." He added, "It just got to a point where I got DUIs, like a lot of drinking and driving, so I end up going to jail for a year."

"I was leaving the house, like I think I gave my son a high-five, thinking I'm going to another day in court," Royce, born Ryan Daniel Montgomery, recalled. "My lawyer told me I'd be fine, I was like, 'Yeah, I'll be right back.' I came back a year later."

Royce went on to admit that spending his time behind bars "gave [him] the opportunity to get some of the best sleep [he] ever got." He further elaborated, "It gave me the opportunity to not be in control of the speed at which things were going. It made everything slow down. It made me do some thinking, be alone."

"Once I accepted the fact I was going to be there for a minute, it became easy. The time just started flying by," Royce explained. He also shared that "a lot of people drew their line in the sand, relationship-wise and showed [him] who they were," noting that it "was necessary in that moment."

Elsewhere in the candid conversation, Royce detailed the moment when the court judge ordered him to remain behind bars for a year. "The prosecuting attorney recommended probation, but the judge was like, 'No, I'm going to do that,' " he shared.

"She said, 'Mr. Montgomery, do have anything to say before I sentence you?' " Royce continued. "I was like, 'I don't have much to say your honor. I'm sorry,' whatever I said. Whatever it was, it wasn't good enough. It wouldn't have mattered anyway."

The "Book of Ryan" artist said, "Swifty, she was referring to, 'I just put one of y'all in jail' -- and then she referred to Proof -- 'and the other one just died.' " He added, "She was like, 'Now I got you here. You just got two of these in a row.' She was like, 'I gotta shut you down, sir.' "

" 'I'm sure alcohol and drugs are free-flowing in your business and you can't seem to control yourself so I gotta shut you down, so I'm going to give you the maximum amount of time, and that's 365 days in jail. Step up to the bailiff,' " Royce recounted the judge's statement at the time. "And my lawyer started stuttering, 'Your honor, do you think we can talk about work release?' She was like, 'Not at this time.' "

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