Trolling the former president in his social media post, the 'Detroit Vs. Everybody' rapper writes in an accompanying note, 'That bible...don't ya jes love that thing?'

AceShowbiz - Royce Da 5'9 really knows how to cover hatred with humor. Taking to his social media platform, the "Detroit Vs. Everybody" spitter trolled Donald Trump after he failed to name his favorite bible verse.

On Sunday, September 26, the 44-year-old rapper took to his Instagram account to share a video taken from Trump's interview on "Bloomberg's With All Due Respect" while he was campaigning for the 2016 Presidential Election. In the caption of the clip, the "Caterpillar" emcee sarcastically wrote, "That bibleā€¦. Don't ya jes love that thing?"

In the footage, it could be heard a host asked Trump to name "one or two" of his most favorite Bible verses. However, the politician appeared to have a tough time answering as he didn't directly mention the verses.

Instead, Trump said, "I wouldn't want to get into it because to me that's very personal." The 75-year-old businessman then reasoned, "You know, when I talk about the Bible, it's very personal, so I don't want to get into verses."

The former president further explained, "The Bible means a lot to me, but I don't want to get into specifics." The host then followed up by simplifying the question to whether Trump is "an Old Testament guy or a New Testament guy." He then responded, "Probably equal."

In the comment section of the clip, many social media users were quick to share their reactions. "His bible is Archie comics," one commented, while another wrote, "And many voted for him. Lmaoooooooo."

A third user criticized Trump's statement, saying, "I don't want to get into it because I've never read it." A separate critic stated, "Just like ALL of the other times he was asked a direct question...never an answer, always talks around it."

Despite many negative comments, there were also some Instagram users who defended Trump. "Very smart guy. They would have used it against him in the press if he answered," one pointed out. A second commenter questioned Da, whose real name is Ryan Daniel Montgomery, "Why you dont post Joe biden?" while another user chimed in, "Like a pro! Don't let these jokers control you! What's personal is personal."

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