Kirsten Dunst Shunned Benedict Cumberbatch on Set of New Movie 'The Power of the Dog'
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The former 'Spider-Man' actress explains method acting prompted her to barely have any interaction with her co-star in an effort to make their onscreen hostility more convincing.

AceShowbiz - Kirsten Dunst barely spoke to Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of their new film "The Power of the Dog" to make the pair's onscreen hostility more convincing.

Dunst co-stars in the Western drama film as Rose, who is frequently targeted by Benedict's mean rancher Phil Burbank - the brother of her new husband George, played by her real-life partner Jesse Plemons - and reveals she and the "Sherlock Holmes" star didn't interact during filming so they could work on their aggressive relationship for the movie.

"It's funny because we didn't have many scenes together, but just when we were on set or hanging out, yeah, we didn't really talk to each other on set," she told BANG Showbiz at the film's BFI London Film Festival premiere on Monday (11Oct21).

"I mean on the weekends, you know, we both have sons and stuff so - yeah, but when it came to the work we just kept to ourselves, which, yeah, it definitely helped."

She also urged anyone being abused to speak out and stop the cycle.

"What's sad is that you don't realise it's happening, and that's why it's so psychologically damaging. Go to a friend, or you know, try and get someone you can talk to. Go to therapy!" she urged.

"The Power of the Dog" won multiple accolades at prestigious awards. It was the second runner-up for the People's Choice Award at Toronto Film festival. Director Jane Campion won the Silver Lion for Best Direction at Venice Film Festival and Mind the Gap - Best Innovation at Mill Valley Festival.

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