Trey Songz Defended by Model After Slammed for Getting a Little Too Close to Her in Video

In a TikTok clip shared by the model, Halimotu Shokunbi, herself, the 'Bottoms Up' hitmaker puckers up as if he tries to kiss her, while she leans back probably to dodge it.

AceShowbiz - Trey Songz has his latest collaborator to thank to for saving him from landing in hot water. The singer has been defended by model Halimotu Shokunbi after people slammed him for getting a little too close to her in a TikTok video.

In the clip shared by the model herself, the 36-year-old star was seen with Halimotu in an elevator. Looking comfortable around each other, the "Say Aah" crooner playfully opened his mouth as if he wanted to bite her.

Meanwhile, in a photo featured in the video, the two posed with Trey putting his face close to hers while she filmed it with her phone camera. Another snap captured him puckering up as if he tried to kiss her, while she leaned back probably to dodge it.

Over the video, Halimotu claimed she "worked w trey songz on a project." That, however, didn't stop social media users from speculating about the nature of their relationship.

Finding their interaction cringey, one person slammed Trey, "He too friendly that don't sit right with me." A second hater said, "He's just a whore all 'friendly' men are like this lol."

"He gives me r Kelly vibes .. ion like det," a third shared. "It's giving rapist vibes," a fourth person concluded, while someone else alleged, "One thing about trey he gone hit it."

Some others, meanwhile, thought that Trey and Halimotu are dating. "They look like they are dating already lol," one of them speculated. Another remarked, "He look like he inlove," and one other remarked, "Look like they been together for years."

Catching wind of the fans' comments, Halimotu was quick to set things straight as she commented on Onsite's repost of her video, "Lmao y'all, this was a project for my clothing line he was super nice and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all."

Agreeing with the fashion model, a fan wrote to the critics, "He was only being goofy. Y'all leave Trey alone." Another echoed the claim as sharing, "He really is mad friendly like this, met him in Dallas and he was defy giving me all the vibes making a bihhh feel special, then he did the same to the next chic."

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