Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with BBC, the Prince of Wales says that his classic blue 1970 Aston Martin has been converted so that it doesn't use conventional fuel.

AceShowbiz - Prince Charles has contributed to the slowing down of global warming in a way that not many are privileged enough to do it. The British royal revealed that one of his oldest cars is powered by cheese and wine.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with BBC's Climate Editor Justin Rowlat, the prince said his blue 1970 Aston Martin, which was gifted by the Queen for his 21st birthday in 1969, has been converted so that instead of running on conventional fuel, it now runs on "surplus English wine" and whey from cheese production.

"My old Aston Martin, that runs now on waste products," Charles said as he showed off the automobile. "It runs on - can you believe this - surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process," he continued.

Charles' claims have sparked hilarious reactions from social media users, with one asking if it's April Fool's joke, "Did I hear that right? Prince Charles has converted his Aston Martin to run on white wine and cheese?? Is it April 1...?"

"Never mind your car, I'm running on wine and cheese. Well, wine mostly," another Twitter user joked. A third claimed, "I've been running on wine and cheese for decades. Saving the planet is fun. You guys really need to get on board."

"What does my wife and Prince Charles's Aston Martin have in common?" a fourth commenter quipped, while someone else compared himself to Charles' car, "Am I…am I Prince Charles's Aston Martin?"

Some others, meanwhile, think that the move was a little tone-deaf, considering there are many people in England struggling to make ends meet. "Lots of people would just like to be able to run a car," one person pointed out.

"One must be so lucky to have an old, but very valuable Aston Martin that runs on one's surplus wine & sheep cheese," another remarked. "This is exactly the example that all those poverty stricken people who've just had £20 Universal Credit removed from them should be taking notice of."

To be fair, Charles' Aston Martin did undergo conversion in 2008. The car now runs on a fuel called E85, which is made up of 85 percent bioethanol and 15 percent unleaded petrol. Bioethanol is created by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant byproducts, which can be accomplished using wine and cheese, Euronews reported.

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