Madonna Leaves Jimmy Fallon Uncomfortable After Flashing Her Butt on 'The Tonight Show'

After showing off her bum and straddling the TV host's desk while promoting her 'Madame X' documentary, the 'Like a Virgin' songstress leaves the nighttime show viewers cringing.

AceShowbiz - Madonna has just expressed herself. Appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to promote her new documentary "Madame X", the "Material Girl" songstress flashed her butt and left Jimmy Fallon deeply uncomfortable.

In the Thursday, October 7 episode of the talk show, the 63-year-old singer was first asked by Jimmy about what she hoped viewers would get from her film. "Art is important in our lives. I don't think people emphasize that enough. I'm really inspired by James Baldwin, the writer," she replied. She later praised the author, saying that he "was a great source of inspiration for the show and one of the things that I quote over and over again in the show is that artists are here to disturb the peace."

"So I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but also people's peace while they watch the show. But I mean that in the best way," Madonna continued. Jimmy then responded, "Oh yeah, you get in good trouble." The "Like a Virgin" singer then repeated the host's phrase, "Good trouble," as she seemed to get a cheeky idea. Then, without warning, she pushed aside the items on his desk and laid on it with a leg hanging over the front side.

In order to protect Madonna's modesty, Jimmy screamed, "No! Madonna! Stop it! I don't know what to do. Stop it right now." Jimmy then removed his jacket and placed it across the singer's legs.

Madonna then calmed Jimmy down as saying, "No one's gonna see anything, my god." As she returned to her chair, she briefly lifted the bottom part of her dress, flashing her underwear to the audience while facing away from the camera. That quickly offered a look at some skin, which left Jimmy covering his face with his jacket.

As the crowds gasped and cheered, Madonna strutted back to her seat and said, "Life is not just about interviewing kitties." The "La Isla Bonita" singer then challenged Jimmy, "Don't you want to talk to an adult? Let's have some adult conversation.'

Jimmy went on asking if Madonna was "talking to an adult right now," but she replied, "I'm not sure." She then joked, "I feel like you're in some kind of conflict right now. Have you been to a therapist?"

Discussing her own experiences with therapy, Madonna continued, "I write... it's a form of therapy... And I also hope that I have good friends." She further elaborated, "I talk my s**t out with people. That's a kind of therapy, don't you think?"

After seeing Madonna's antic gestures on the show, many Twitter users shared their thoughts. "That Madonna interview on Jimmy Fallon was next level cringe. Like... she's sitting there in her old 80s black lace, wearing grillz and talking about her new material is inspired by James Baldwin? And that's even before she humps Fallon's desk," one wrote.

"Madonna doing Madonna things on Jimmy Fallon's desk lol," another poked fun at Madonna's surprising act. "Madonna was on fallon an hour or so ago. She was looking ridiculous and acting even weirder," a third Twitter user penned, while a fourth quipped, "Madonna was such a trainwreck on fallon. How crazy 35 years later spiccoli would be the better person."

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