Britney's Ex-Manager Insists He's 'Spacegoat' After He's Accused of Drugging the Star

Sam Lutfi, who used to manage Britney Spears, slams allegations mentioned in Netflix's documentary that he was to blame for the 'Gimme More' singer's downfall.

AceShowbiz - Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi has denied reports he was drugging the pop star.

The new Netflix documentary, "Britney vs Spears", contains allegations suggesting Lufti was crushing drugs and putting them in the pop star's food.

In a preview of the documentary - ahead of the film's premiere on Tuesday (28Sep21), director Erin Lee Carr characterises the one-time manager as the reason the pop star's ongoing and controversial 13-year conservatorship began, stating, "Sam is the person frequently blamed by both of her parents for her public downfall."

The conservatorship was deemed necessary following Britney's very public 2008 meltdown as her life spiralled out of control.

In the film, Lorilee Craker, who collaborated with Britney's mum Lynne on her 2008 memoir, "Through the Storm", tells Carr the Toxic singer was at "crisis level" before the legal arrangement was put into place.

"They (her parents) felt they had to do it to protect Britney from Sam," she says. "He was crushing drugs and putting them in her food and bragging about it."

Meanwhile, journalist Jenny Eliscu, who worked with Carr on the new film and attempted to help the embattled singer hire her own lawyer in 2009, notes that Britney did not receive the usual five days notice about the legal arrangement.

"(It's) one of the most important filings in the entire conservatorship, because when someone is being made a conservatee, they are entitled to five days heads up so that if they want to contest it or find a lawyer, etc. they have the time to do that," she says.

"The only reason given for depriving Britney of five days' notice is that Sam Lutfi is dangerous and needs to be kept away."

However, Lutfi insists he's not the villain, stating, "We have 100 blood tests and drug tests the entire time I was with her and she passed every single one of them, which is why the police never came to my door. No one ever called the police."

He pointedly adds, "To be accused of allegations that serious, that you're drugging the world's biggest star, you call the police, you call the FBI, you don't call TMZ."

He says, "I was the perfect scapegoat. I was new. They didn't know who I was. I was just an expendable guy."

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