Matt Damon's 'Secret' Instagram Account Discovered by Fans

After the 'Stillwater' star reveals that he's run a 'very private Instagram account,' Internet sleuths put the pieces together and find the actor's alleged account.

AceShowbiz - Matt Damon's "secret" Instagram account is not so secret anymore. After the actor announced that he's quietly on the photo-sharing platform, fans have discovered his supposed "very private" Instagram account.

"i found matt damon's finsta and honestly it shouldn't have taken an hour," one Twitter user posted along with a screenshot of a profile of an account under the handler odamnmatt. The Internet users were tipped off by the fact that the Instagram account's name was a none-too-cleverly concealed anagram for "Matt Damon".

The number of followers and post counts was also exactly the same with what Matt said during his recent magazine interview. Moreover, the purported finstagram, the term used among younger Internet users to refer to incognito Insta-profile, is followed by multiple verified celebrities' accounts including actors Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal as well as photographer and documentary director Sam Jones.

The discovery was prompted by Matt's own confession that he has a secret Instagram account. In a new cover story for GQ published on Wednesday, September 8, he revealed that he's run a "very private Instagram account."

The Academy Award-winning writer, who is known for his aversion to social media, said he only used his account to see his friends' kids growing up around the world, and only occasionally to share a post of his own.

"I have 76 followers and I've done 40 posts since 2013," he shared details of his account to the interviewer, Chris Heath. He reportedly also showed an Instagram picture of his 15-year-old daughter Isabella brandishing two middle fingers. "That's what she's been doing every time we take a picture of her nowadays," he quipped about his daughter.

Matt's representative have not commented on the discovery of his alleged covert account.

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