'Jackass Forever' Slammed by PETA for 'Tormenting Real Animals for Stupid Stunts'
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The crew and cast members of the latest 'Jackass' movie are accused by animal rights organization of animal cruelty over their stunts following the trailer release.

AceShowbiz - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals officials are calling for an investigation into the latest "Jackass" movie, for its alleged cruelty.

PETA Foundation vice president and deputy general counsel for animal law Jared Goodman claims the cast and crew of "Jackass Forever" broke California protection laws and, in a letter sent to city and county prosecutors on Wednesday (08Sep21), he called for an investigation and, if warranted, criminal charges against all those responsible.

He cites trailer footage from the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie, filmed in Los Angeles County, which features star Johnny Knoxville being charged by a bull, Sean McInerney being bitten on the nose by a snake, and a tarantula trapped in a plastic tube between Ehren McGhehey and Compston Wilson's heads.

PETA notes that these activities appear to violate California's prohibitions on bullfighting and similar exhibitions, causing any animal to fight with a human, and cruelty to animals - and that other acts of cruelty may well have been committed on set without making it into the trailer or the film's final cut.

"Tormenting real animals for stupid stunts normalizes cruelty, encourages others, including minors, to harm animals, and violates California law," Goodman writes. "PETA is asking the authorities to hold Jackass Forever accountable for any violations and reminds the film industry that animal abuse cannot be tolerated."

PETA spokesperson Moira Colley adds, "PETA notes that when bulls charge or attack, it's often a result of having been taunted, while snakes are naturally reclusive and typically retreat from humans unless provoked. Tarantulas are sensitive to vibrations, which they use to detect danger, a trait that makes loud sounds and foreign environments especially stressful for them."

"Jackass Forever" is currently set for a 4 February 2022 release.

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